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A Fair Proposition

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. You, perhaps, never heard of Drs. Fruth, formerly of New York, now of the Fruth Medical and Surgical Iustitute of Chicago, 111.: or, having heard of them, are probably prejudiced by a wouid befriend, or jealous physician, who never lose an opportunity to prejudice the afflicted against, as they cali tbem, travelingphysicians; butwho are in tact resillar graduales of Medical Colleges of good standing and have had advantages that few pogsesa Their regular visite hete for nearly twoyears, mean somethiog- it m'eans competency, fairness, a sense of honor and duty to their patiënt, li the cmwds that tlirong their parlors it eadi suoceeoing visit eau be taken as au index of the appreciattion, in which they are held by their patients, we wiiiild sav "110 hesitancy exists- every1 ody seems pleased, with the progresa mude in tlie treatrnent of their case. If you are suffering froin any chi onic, or long standing disease, that has baffled the skill of the home physician go ana nave your case examined, and if you are not Batisfled with theirexamhiation, your car expenses will be paid both ways; if on the other hand, you see lit to have yaiir case treated provided it is curable, they will guarantee a cure. Can a proposition be more fair? Could you ask more? Your case may dow be curable, bul f you obstinately persist in procrastination, the time must come when medical aid can render you noassistance, whe.i the door oí" hope will be forever closed against you. Then, fpr the first time, you will realize what negligence means. You cannot alford to trille away your lile and happiness upon uncertainty and ruinous experiment. ;No, Miss Anny," remarked young Dr. Paresis, "us a physician I cannot accept the Biblical account of such longevity as Methusaleh's." "Oh, I can," replied Miss Amy, sweatly, "there were no doctors in those days."