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=-. copriiioiiTiago WHAT AN ASS AM I! The ass thought himself as fine looking as his neighbor, the horse, until he, one day, saw himself in the lookingglass, when he said " What an ass am I !" Are there not scores of people who cannot see themselves as others see them? They have bad blood, pimples, blotches, eruptions, and other kindred disfigurements. All these annoying things could be entirely eradicated, and the skin restored to "lily whiteness;" if that world-famed remedy, Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery, were given a fair trial. It cures all humors, from the ordinaiy blotch, pimple or eruption to the worst scrofula, or the most invetérate blood-taints, no matter what their nature, or whether they be inherited or acquired. The "Golden Medical Discovery " is the only blood - purifier guaranteed to do just what it is recommended to, or money refunded. WOKLD'S DlSPENSART MEDICAL ASsociation, Proprietors, No. 663 Main Street, _Buffalo,__N. X. Report of the Condition Ths Farmers' & Meskici hï AT At. the close of business, M;iy 4, 1S91. UESOUIICES. Loansand Discount s S24pD7.27 .-tock b.mds, mortuages.otc 3 191 '7 Ov.rdrafts 2.460.96 Dlle from barks in reseive cilio "-9.426.49 Bills in tfanalt 4,84.50 Faroitnre and Fixtnrex.... a.iOfl.lO Current expenses ;uid taxcs pajd I 642 ï7 Interest paid ■2,&U.22 Chccks and {■■sb items 816.78 Nickels and Penuits Sj 4o G..M r,7l:-M Silver iiö64 iö U. S. and Nmional Bink Noies 10.41S.OO Total _ S3J2 4tJS.fli LIABII.ITIES. Cipitai itoek puid n 50.000 00 Htrplusiur.d Ifi,ÜO0.Üli Undiíidtií proflts ll,ö!3.:4 unpjiitï ' ;iO l Commercial di potito _'. -64, 68401 .-mvingsdeposiu.. .'6,191.76 Toial t-ieg-W-SP 8TATK OF MICHIGAN, ic„ Counly of WarlitenaA', { I. Preder'ok H Belsr, Cashi?r cf tl, e above imine.i Buik, do tolfmnly swear that. the nhove statement ia true to the b-:st of in y knuwled"e auc bnüef. F. H. BEI. SER. Cashier. Sub crib;d and fworn to before me this llth day of iMa, 1891. W. W. WHEDON, Notary Public. CORRECT- AttestKEUKEN KEMPF, I A. KEAiíNEY, Diructors CHA8. E. GKEENE, ) REMOVAL ! Henry A. Newland & Co., wliolesale hatters and fur merchants, Detroit, have removed their business to the store reeontly occupied by Alian, Shelden & Co., 162, 164, 16B and 168 Jefferson ave., one door west of Woodward ave-, where their facilities are largely increased. They invite all their friends to cali at the new store. Dopt Waste-KS on toferlor Hoae bilt get the TRAPE "S PI RAL" "ARK. I ?h,e,'ï.SpIral" Coiton Hoae havlng no outsido coverlnfr fo hoMt!ieiniisture,asRubberhosedofs,(lrics]kpat.-tl üfcourse Ulereare imltatlons; thero are FO L'R WA I'S however, by vvliich you can teil if the dealer is trying to sellan iüferlor hose. The Genuine " Spiral" has i A bl&cl Koe wowit in: B sur? t 5 BUACK, i?ot larH, blue, re or aryirjirjj bat bl&ch. II. Tb stencil "'SPÍRAÍ-' P&te-nte T-yArco jo, I 6bO," oi evcry lenjt. "I. Tl)CORKUCATEDCOUPI-WGa.rjl BAAD a? ipcut. IV. E&cfc leogtb 5 i)ow pui up witb a PIrtK WRAPPER a.rouol ti)e Ijose Oear tl5 coupüng. -4 sample aiS be scntfrcc f you mtntion this publicaf ion. Solí! evervwberc. BOSTON WOVEN HOSE CO., Manf'rs. of Rubber RTS, aiÍÍ í?5kln 2o2g Devonshire St., Boston I 205 Lake St., Chicago 8 Bush St., San Francisco. ' ii-(B'v: $p fin W. L, DOUCLAS d OÍJIíC and olher specalJ} J n v g ties fur Gentlemen, rauted, and so stamped on Imttoni.1" Áddrcss W. L. DOIjUIíAS, Hrop(ioii,.Mns. Sold by WM. REINHARDT & CO A.C3-DEJSTT. K !ÜJ íHl 53 Hl-J'c"nn.''!ínrncdntoi!rX:í;VlJiieofwor!k, W nu (.au io mio oik ihsy to iGftm, e funuli ev.rvthmfr. B, ,i.r ...... N„ ri,k. Yim c,i Jvole voor .pare ■nomem, or n] yonr time lo tlio Work. Thl It .n titireJjr i.ow ll,iind bring. wondtrful „, cu to tvery worket BCfDn aro etning from Ï5 to 60 perwMk upwarda ond more aft,-r httlo cipcrirncc. Wo can furnlih Jou llia ga. J!oym.ntnd teach yoa FKKK. No pnecto ixpl.ln her.. Fn inionnatiou FlUIt. XlltJE ds CO., AMilS'U, ILUMi