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Sulphur Bitters

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The Greatest Blood PurifierÉñL 1 KNOWN. "ff jL k This Great Germán Medicine i8 the B- mt cheapest and best. 128 doses of # 3 IPHüR BITTERS for $1.00, less than M 'g; E Jone cent a dose. It will cure the g j 5wor9t cases oí 6kin disease, trovaM ' Ja common pimple on the i:ceg Í ato that ftwful disease, Scrofula. m S! ISULPHUR BITTERS is the# ( .■best medicine to use In all 2casea of such stubboru and M Your , -Sdeep seated diseases. Do#neys are out Jnot ever take , f order Use , m Bi iie dii IQ m sULPHUK i "] BLUE PILL! BITTERS. If L 'Sorinercnryheyaredead-youaie sick, no i llT. Place your trust inmatter what ails ■ 4sULPHUR BITTERS, #you, use ■ the purest and best M. . , ,,, , ' medicine ever made. M gUlpoUr BittSTS ! ! IJonrTongneOoteu#Don,trwait untiI I withayellowstickyare unable t0 walk, or i 8ubstance?Isyourare flat 0I1 your back. , breatU foul andt„t „et gome at oncej it offensive? Yourwill CUI.e y0Ui gulphur stomach is outBitters is I of order. Use m sülphur #The Invalid's Friend. inmiediately#The young, the aged and totIsvourUr-# tering are soon made well by inethick #it use. Remember what you ropy,clo-#i-ead here, it may save your udv or#'if lt; has saved hundreds. ' #Don't wait until to-morrow, ff TryaBottleTo-day! S W Are you low-spirited and weak, S#or sufferinir from the excesses of W youth? If so, SULPHUR BITTERS #will cure you. Send 3 2-cent stamps to A. P. Ordway & Co., Boston, Mass., for best medical work published?