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A pfcysical cultura class of fifty ave menib-rs bas been fornied by thu ladies :L Alpeuu. Anotb?r attempt will be made to try Jenuie WVbb, tha Poutiac schoolma'am, Cor the deatli of Frank Cook, the pupil who went heneo soou after receiving a severe punishment. Tho Vuiteri States Equitable Boad associatum with an auttiorized capital of 150,000,000, is a Detroit institution that has quit business as th scheme was uot a succesiful "go." It was engaged ia the building aml loan association business. Much has been vvritten relativa to feminine timidy, but a Rochester lady ran aeross thirteen live snakes of varioussizes while on a flower trip in the woods, without letting go of a sinule scream. ïhe chanipionship belt for the meauest man in the state seems to be sliifted frequently. Jut now it is claimed by a Covert man who refuses to coutribute to a grave stoue to mark his mother's resting-place, albeit he secured a major portion of her estáte. Grand Rápida' sularatus factory has been baked by fire, eutailing a loss of $3,000. Saginaw has twenty-three school buildings costing not far from $500,000, with 7,588 pupila in attendance. Josiah Henson, said to bs the original Uncle Tom of Mrs. Harriet Beecher Stowe's immoreal work, was gored by an infuriated buil at Adrián. Mrs. William Byrne died at Grattan, aged 78, leaviug a numerous posterity, 13children, 90 grandchildren and24greatgrandchildren. The commencement address at Orchard Lake June 4 will be delivered by Professor David Swing, the noted independent divine of Chicago. The Grand Rapids and Grayling Railway company is a new organization that as been authorized by the secretary f state to do business with a capital stock of $1,000,000. Some two montus ago Emma Smith, a Munith matron, accidentally got a piece of glass imbedded in a fiuger. A local physician made two or three unsuccessful searches for the iutruder, and now Emma has oDtalned relief by having the haud amputated. Some member of the Detroit club carelessly threw a lighted cigar stub upon the iloor, and the $5,000 club house is in ashes. A Corunna dog went mad and bit a goose, and the goose in turn bit a lady, who bas goue to New York for treatment by the Pasteur metlio.l, hoping thereby to head off the dreaded hydrophobia. Frankfort citizens have fiually succeeded in raising the necessary $20,000 for a local furniture factory, without any outside aid. Ypsilanti taxpayers desiie that their owu shull not stand at the loot of the jrocession, and have requested the city council to offer bonuses to manfacturing concerns of emigrating tendencias. Hugh McCurdy, a Corunna Mason of ïigh degree, was elected' illusrious commander-in-chief, and Hugh A. lolrnes, of Detroit, another wayup er of the order, illustrious grand secretary, of the Scottish Rite Masons, of vlichigau, reseutly ia sesaioa at Detroit. A Bewzonia citizen ofEered a neighbor $00 if he'd flnd him a thrifty wife. That neighbor evidently succeeded as the man s inarried now and still keeps his cash, y the advice of his helpmate. Isaac P. Dumond, a Flint boy of 79 seasons, bas been licensed to wed Mrs. ïosie Hogers, a lady of 70 summers and the same city. Both of the contracting mrties have been married twice bef ore. Mecosta county jail is without a boarder and the sheriff feels lonely in consequence, as not even a tramp deigns to accept his hospitality. The boarding house people of Ana Ar jor receive about 81,400 daily for supplyng meals to university students. Frank F. King, a former Lausing man, operates a forty-five acre organge orchard in southern California and has pocketed f25,000 for his this season's erop just as it ïangs on ths trees. James Stewart, the Britton man who was killed on the Wabash railway near Adrián while in an intoxicated condition, s said to have speut $25,000 by dissolute labits during the past few months. Michigan will receive $11,978 from the national treasury, July 1, being Uncle Sam's donation to assist in arming and equipping the state, militia. An Ovid lid of 12 years harvested $6 wortb of sparrow bounty with an old shot gun in just two days. Micbigan's great forest fires have occurred in cycles of ten years, viz , in 1871 1881 and 1891. John Hitt lived twenty minutes after making a meal of wild parsnips. Prior to the experiment he resided in St. Clair county. Pinckney hens are busy birds, one dealer of tnat town shipping 3,300 dozen hen fruit per week. The Grand Kapids grocer who solc hard eider to the little son of William Parks until the lad became intoxicated was assessessed $50 and costs by a cour of justice. Four masked men appeared at the home of Owen Gallagher, a wealthy Hamburg farmer, at night, who bound that gentleman and made him indícate the place where he kapt his cash. As good luck would have it there was bu little on hand at the time and the rob bers were oblisred tp content themselves with a $50 haul. The Bay City Iron works are engaged in the construction of a smokeless loco motive, and if the scheme is a success forty machines will be built for a Chi cago elevated railway. A Marlette boy of 4 Mays was drownet by falling head first into a barrel o swill. The spring session of the supreme cour has been adjourned with a number o cases undecided. Patrick Kelley, a Dryden resident, sa down for a quiet smoke after dinner, a was his usual custom, and a few moment afterward was foand dead in his chair He had indulged in a great many smoke duriiig his pilgrimage of 83 years. Corunna is to be illuminated by elee tricity by an extensión of the wires of th Owosso plant. Love may make people blind, but i also makes some folks very forgetfu] Jeremiah King is a St. Clair county cit zen who applied for a marriage license but couldn't recall the scirl'a name an was obliged to seek an interview with th maiden to refresh his memory. The Soo jury that listened to the evidence in the alleged shooting of a Mr. Coulter by his son William in Chippewa county expresed its faith in the young niau's nnocence by returning a verdict of not guilty. The sotcewhat famous Whiting-Allea ase has been continued over to the next erin of the Inghani county circuit court. egins to look as thougli the case would ever come to trial. Myron Delano has been granted a flfen years' stay at the Jackson prison by udge Judkins, oí Ludington, convicted ! criminal assault on a younggirl of that ty. His brother Mat guts three years or a like olïense. An Evangelical church convention, of ie canip-tneeting style, will ba held at jirand Rapids, Juue W- 12. While excavating lor Indian relies in onia couuty, a üordon county gentleman was buried beneath even feet of arth, and b fore the body was resurrectd his spirit had fled to the happy huntng grounds. Jlabel Crawford, the Caseville lady ■ho died of typhoid fever at Toledo, Ohio, receutly, left a $100,000 estáte. Governor Winans will assist Van Juren couuty pioneers iu harvesting a )icnic diuner at Bangor, June 3, and vill then recall memories of the early ays by an address. The depression in the iron trade is so ;reat that only twelve of the twenty-six last f urnaces of the state are in operaion. John Brink, the Capac citizen who was njured on the Grand Trunk and sued tiat Corporation for a liberal compensaion, has been awarded the suni of $1,500 by a jury. Two little sons of Frank Montgomery played the cigarette act with some dried roots, and that gentleman's barn, thirteen pig.s, a calf, and a lot of grain and hay are no more- a Flushing episode.