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CoLüMBüd, O., May 27.- Present indi:ations are that tbe t hird party men have tiptured the convention of the Ohio Farmers' Union whicli met here at l'J D'clock this morning. Pretfident Likins, of the state Alliance (open); President Ellis, of the state Grange, and other prominent leaders are strongly in favor of an independent movement. While the nominations for state offices may not be made at this meeting it is altogether probable that a convention will be arranged for that purpose, and that third party tickets in the counties and senatorial districts will be endorsed. A Fair Representativo Body. This Farmers Union is a fairly repretentativa orgamzation, and is coinposed af delegates from the open and secret Alliance, the Grange, the Patrons of Husbandry, the Mutual Benefit Aasocia(ion and all farmers' societiea having state or couuty organization. The present meeting is the outgrowth of a ate convention last f all at which timeit i as decided to liold another session before vhe fall election. The third party movement will meet with some opposition, but conversatioa with delegates develops a strong sentiment in its favor, and does not leave much room to doubt that it will carry. An Outline of the Platform. A prominent member of the opeu Alliance, wlio is litro as a delégate to the unioa, says that the platform to be adopted will not be an indorsemeut of that adopted at tbe recent Cincinnati convention. It will be more uearly an indorsement of the state Alliance platform adopted at Galion. He gives the bubatauce of a platform which he has drawn up, and expects to have adopted. It demands unlimited coiuage of uilver; loans of unlimited amounts tp farmers at 2 per cent. interest and secured by mortgage on land; abolishing the national banking system; government control of railroads and teleuraphs; further reduction of f ees and salaries of county oflicials; prohibiting alien ownership of land; equal taxation on all private property; election of president, vice president and United States senators by direct vote of the people; reduction of railroad passenger fares to 2 cents a mile; the forfeiture of all unearned land grants; a graded incume tax for corporations and individuals; a measure to prevent bpeculation in farm producís; the passage of a law nullifying the effect of the original pockage decisión. It is nnderstood that tbe platform will contain no radical reference to the tari ff question. They're All "Agin" Sherman. S. H. Ellis was asked if the farmers would return Senator Sherman if they ontrolled the nest legislatura. "No," aid he, "I dou't think there is any chance or Senator Sherman to be elected, no matter what the farmers do." All who xpress themselves in the matter speak ecisively against Senator Sherinau.