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There were 1,000 people at the fair grounds on Saturtlay, and the day was, contrary to tradition, a clear and warm one. The contests were spirited, andas the Daily predicted, several records were broken. Malley broke the shot and hammer, Van Inwagen the high jump and Gamble the American amateur record in the standing broad jump with weights. Wright, Kay & Co., of Detroit, offered a handsome pair of field glasses to the best all-around athlete, first place to count 5, second place 2, and third place, 1. The glasses were won by E. de Pont, with thirteen points to his credit, one first three seconds and two thirds. Harvey, Jewett, Gamble Van Inwagen and Sanderson tied for second place with '12 points apiece. The events and winners are as follows: 100 yards dash: 1. Harvey; 2. Van Inwagen; 3. Van Deventer; time 10 2-5 seconds. Two mile bicycle; 1. Parmele, A. A. H. S.; 2. Crosby; time, 7, 44 4-5 sec. Kunning broad jump: 1. Jewett, D. A. C; 2. Dorgan, N. A. A.; 3. Annesley, D. A. O; 21 ít, 1 in.; 20 ft, 6 in.; 19 ft, 10 in. Running hop step and jump: 1. Gamble; 2. de Tont; 40 ft 7 in; 38 ft, 7 in. 150 yards: 1. Jewett, D. A. C; Annersley, D. A. C, 13 1-5 sec. By mistake the runners had started 78ft, 3 in. short of the starting point. Henee the f ast time. 220 yards dash: 1. Harvey; 2. lerson; 3. Burgess, time 'i a-b sec. r 120 yards hurdle; 1. Luce, D. A. C.j s 1. Van Inwagen; time, 18 1-5 sec. Luce vas not entered but was permitted to un upon condition that the gold nedal would be awarded to second. Putting shot: 1. Malley; 2. Gamble; . de Pont; 37 ft, 1 in; 36 ft, 6 in. Both i Vlalley and Gamble Droke the U. of M. record of 36 ft. 300 yards: 1. Annesley, D.A.C.; 2. rownsend, Marshall A. A.; time 35 2-5 sec. Throwing the hammer; 1. Malley; 2. de Pont; 94 ft, 3 in by inter-collegiate rules: 120 ft, 1 in. by A. A. U. rules. Malley broke the U. Qf M. record of 84 feet by 10 ft 3 in. One mile walk; 1. McGee,D. A. C; 2. Rudolph, D. A. C; time 7 min., 50 3-5sec. 3. Wilber, N. A. A. 440 yards: 1. Sanderson; 2. Cooley; 3. Ayers; time, 56 2-5 sec. One mile run: 1. Hutchinson; 2. Snyder; time, 5 min. 44 1-5 sec. Standing broad jump (without weights): 1. Gamble; 2. de Pont; 10 ft 6 in.; 10 ft, 1 in. 880 yards: 1. Lyster; no time taken. Pole vault: 1. Luce, D. A. C; 2. Ierring, D. A. C; 10 ft, 6 in.; 10 ft. Eunning high jump: 1. Van Inwagen; 2. Jewett, D. A. C; 3. de Pont; 5 ft. 6} in; 5 ft. 5f in.; 5 ft. 4 in. Van Inwagen broke the U. of M. record by i of an inch. Standing broad jump (with weights): Gamble gave an exhibition, breaking the U. of M. record and also the American amateur record of 12 ft. 9i in., jumping 13 ft. 1 in. Featherweight wrestliug: 1. Duraud, N. A. A.; 2. Green, N. A. A. Light weight wrestling: 1. Dasef, N. A. A.; 2. Thurtell. Middle weight wrestling: 1. Herring, D. A. C; 2. Richmond, N. A. A. Fencing: 1. Fassett; 2. Foreman; 3. Lawrence. Relay race: 1. lits; 2. medica; 3. laws. The teams were: lits, Sanderson, Lyster, Cooley and de PoDt; medies, Harvey, Faust, Ayers and Burgess; laws, Duffy. Malley, Roberts and Munger. The fiist prizes, handsome gold medals, were donated by the following: G. H. Wild, Chas. Speller & Co., Ann Arbor Register, Messrs. Wahr and Rosey, W. G. Burchfield, J. M. Stafford, F. Stofflet, Gibson. Chicago DailyNews, Burleigh & Jolly, Anu Arbor Argüfl, Eberbach, Butts and Hazlewood, II. J. Brown, L. G. Damm, Chicago Herald, Detroit Evening News, J. T. Jacobs, Dean & Co., Detroit Free Press, A. L. Noble, S. W. Millard, Wadhams, Kennedy & Reule, Two