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Harvard's Defeat

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The yellow and the blue downed the crimson yesterday in a hard fought game at Cambridge. Mass. Michigan"s first run was scored in the third inning on hits by Wilkinson, Pearson, and Kelly and an error and a stolen base. Another was added in the fourth on three errors. Two runs were scored in the seventh on singles by Spitzer and Walsh and errors. Harvard scored its tirst run on balls, two steals, a sacrifico and Kelly's error. Harvard was shut out until the ninth inning when two runs were tallied on Dean's three-bagger, which with Frothingham's two-bagger were the only hits made off Codd, Wilkinson's error and a SHcrifice. Summary: Earned run Michigan; base on balls. by Codcl 1, by Bates 3; stolen bases, two each; struck out, by Codd 3, by Bates 5. Time, 1 h. 25 m. U. of M. made eight hits: Walsh 2, Pearson '2, Wilkinson, Rich, Kelly, and Spitzer one each. Score by innings: 123456T89 U. oí M 0 0 110 2 0 0 0-4 Harvard 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2-3 THE CELEBRATION TO-NIGHT. The team will be giveu a greeting this evening upon their arrival,- a greeting after the manner peculiar to collegians. The nine has made a flne record in the east, particularly in the Harvard game, and they are to be shown that their ;work is appreciated by the students. The students are requested to meet in front of the Law building at 10.15 p.m.. The train arrivés at 11 o'clock. The team will be drawn in a coach, by the students. Major Soule will act as chief marshal, and the following will be marshals and leaders of cheering: S. C. Glidden, J. E. Duffy, A. W. Diack, C. T. Alexander, G. B. Dygert and II. P. Harmon. Fireworks and a bonfire, on the cam pus, will enliven affairs. Horns will be supplied at the station at a nominal price. A brass band will assist in the celebration. Lots of fun can be had for a little money, and the following have been selected to collect subscrip. tions: C. "W. Middlekauf, R. Stone, Tibbals, Glidden, Ted Sinith, VanDeventer, Malley, J. E. Duffy, M. B. Hammond, F. E. Wood, Dygert, R. M. Shaw, Platt, C. Church, Bronson Jameson, J. R. Angelí, E. M. Kennedy, Á. M. Harvey, F. M.Prettyman, and the athletic directors. Hand youi subscriptions to any of these. Don 't wait to be asked. This will serve as a notice to the committee. The cornmittee is requested to meet at 6.30 Wednesday evening at Chas. Speller & Co. 's to report.- U. of M. Daily. Paul Snauble has taken a business trip to Grand Rapids. Julius V. Seyler, of Detroit, is visiting his father, Adam D. Seyler.