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Salvation Army And The Crusades

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It is obvious that if we wonld find any analogy f or the growth and f orce of this movement of the Salvation Army, we must go back to the enthusiasm exerted by the preacMng of the Crusades, to the work of Francis and Dominic in f ounding ;he mendicant orders, to the Protestant Etef ormation, to the preaching of Qeorge ?ox, or to the growth of Wesleyanism at the ckwe oí the last eentery. Pnrther, no aiteative student of eariy cfaureh listory can fail to seS many striking wrnts of analogy between the methoda idoptod uad the resolts achieved by the ialratíon. Army and thoae which astonshed and disgnsted the pagan world in ;he rapid success attained by the early missionaries of the Christian chnrch. -