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Why Humanity Is Dwarfed

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Woman has not suffered alone from the denial to her of political equality. The human race is like a man who through infancy, youth and manhood has compelled bis right leg to bear the bnrden of his body, regarding the left merely as an ornamental appendage, to be swtmg up by supports and tricked out with ribbons, lace and jewehy. The one would be nerveless and feeble the other lame and overworked, and the progresa of the whole body would be halting, uneven and slow. So with the body politie. All who are interested in public affaire feel how lame, unequal and imperfect is the advance of society, and how heavily drag the mighty interesta of the great repnblic. It will be no better till complete juatice is done to woman. With her enfranchisement there will come a nobler era. Then, with interests thai are identical, with a hmnanity common to both, the mascnline head married to the feminine heart, wisdom supplemented with love, man and woman shall together work out the great problema of lif e, and a nobler and better civilization shall come to the waitiner future.