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During the month of May, the debt of the...

During the month of May, the debt of the... image
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During the month of May, the debt of the United States was increased $600,000. A dillion dollar congress is not apt to greatly reduce a national debt. The Presbyterian Assembly in Detroit shows a most decided tendeney to go back to the old line of strictest church discipline. This is shown in various ways. Not only in the Briggs case was it decided in effect that a professor in a theological seminary must not go out of the old and beaten paths of teaching, and if his later investigations should indicate tohim that the doctrines which men in the time of Calvin deduced from the Bible, should be modified in any way, then he is not a fit teacher, unless he keeps his convictions to himself. But the doctrine of foreordination has also been carried to extremes. In proof of this we have only to read the report of Rev. Dr. J. W. Torrance from the committee on worldly amusements, in which he says, "As a matter of fact there is no such thing as chance. In place of what men cali chance is the living God, omnipresent and omnipotent. Henee an appeal to chance is an appeal to God. An appeal to God without serious cause is profane." Pollowing out this argument, before sitting down to a game of backgammon, the reverend doctor might see fit to have the gamr opened with prayer. The game of Halma, which has found a lodging place in many ministerial families, should ahvays be playee! in a truly devout spirit, for there is always the chance of your opponents blocking you and getting in ahead. Ice cream makers should also be devout, for there is always a chance of the weather turning off cool and spoiling their sales. To an ignorant layman, it looks as if this was carrying the doctrine too far and that the reverend doctor was bent in making it ridiculous.