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Necrological Report, Washtenaw County Pioneer Society, 1890-1891--september, 1890, To June, 1891

Necrological Report, Washtenaw County Pioneer Society, 1890-1891--september, 1890, To June, 1891 image Necrological Report, Washtenaw County Pioneer Society, 1890-1891--september, 1890, To June, 1891 image
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Mrs. C. A. Lamb, widow of Rev. C. A. Lamb, died Oct. 2, 1890, Ypsilanti city; 80 years old. Mrs. Mary Mulholland, Ann Arbor city, Oct. 12, 1890; 81 years Resident of Ann Arbor city 52 years. Mrs. Marogia Wanzer, died Ypsilanti town, Oct. 11, 1890, over 70 years. Old resident of Ypsilanti. Richard Snell, died at Whitmore Lake, Oct. 10, 1890; 79 years, 7 months. Resident of county 57 years. Joseph McMahon, Manchester, Oct. io, 1890; 83 years. Resident there 35 years. Mrs. Louise Brown Tindall, wife of Rev. G. P. Tindall, Oct. 12, Placerville, Cal.; age, 60 or more. Resident of county from childhood. Robert Shaw, Saline, Oct. 17; 80. Old resident of county. Mrs. Nancy Walker, Salem, Oct. 24; 88 years. A pioneer resident of Salem. David B. Rorison, Ypsilanti city, Oct. 26; 86 years. Resident of county 43 years. John E. Jones, Ann Arbor city, Nov. 2; 85 years. Mrs. Harriett Woodmansee, Ann Arbor city, Nov. 1; 88 years. Mrs. Alexander Kerr, Ann Arbor city, Nov. 2; 75 years. Mrs. Bridget Tiernon, Ann Arbor city, Nov. 1; 90 years. Thomas F. Hill, Ann Arbor city, Nov. 7; 72 years. Resident 40 years. Charles Stone, Ypsilanti town, Oct. 22; 77 years. Resident 52 years. Mrs. Maria White Morton, Caro, Mich., Nov. 6; 88 years. Resident of county 52 years. Mrs. Mary F. Allen, Ypsilanti city, Nov. 11; 68 years. Resident 60 years. Mrs. Harriet Keith, Ypsilanti city, Dec. 2; 83 years. Resident 30 years. Capt. Wm. H. Randall, Huron, S. D., Nov.; 49 years. Resident of county 42 years. Miller Pierce, Augusta, Dec. 1; 79 years. Old resident. Capt. Charles Thayer, Ann Arbor city, Dec. 14; 89 years. Resident of county 66 years. Dr. N. P. Hollenbeck, Detroit, Dec. 14; 89 years. Old resident of county. Lorenzo Davis, ten years secretary Washtenaw Pioneer Society, Ann Arbor town, Dec. ai, in his 79th year. Born at Covington, N. Y. , April 29, 181 2. At the age of ten he left home and lived in the family of Mark Norris, a pioneer of Ypsilanti. He settled permanently in the territory of Michigan in 1S31 - being thus a resident for 59 years. Licensed to preach by the Ohio conference of the M. E. church in 1834, for nine years he followed this sacred calling. In 1845 came to Ann Arbor and engaged in the drug business. In 1850 was elected Register of Deeds, filling this office two years. He then engaged in the publishing Dusiness - first of the Ann Arbor Journal for five years, then, selling out, he purchased the Local News, changing its name to Michigan State íews. This paper he also ducted for five years and then engaged in farming. He married, June ii, 1839, Miss M. Derby, of Vermont. Five children were born to them, three of whom survive him. He filled for many years the office of County Superintendent of the poor with honor and credit. But it is as secretary of this Society that he will be longest remembered. To his zealous untiring efforts not a ittle of the success of this Society may be attributed. But now all is over, and he who so many times lifted his voice to commemorate the virtues and hallow the memory of the noble pioneers of Washtenaw rests from his labors and has gone to meet the friends of the long ago in the morning land, where none grow old and die, but in eternal youth enjoy tne Diiss ot lire torevermore. Peter Hendrick, Ypsilanti city, Dec. 28; 88 years, 5 months and 5 days. Came to Michigan in 1826, settling in Plymouth. Helped to raise the first barn and grist mill there. Moved to Ypsilanti in 1858. Resident of county 32 years, of state 64 years. Robert Woolsey, Ypsilanti city, Dec. 30; 73 years. Resident 34 years. Mrs. Ann Rawthon, Ann Arbor city, Dec. 27; 84 years. Josiah Newell, Portland, Oregon, Dec. 28; 75 years. Old resident of county. John Shipman, Jan. 5, 1891, Ypsilanti town. Resident of Pittsfield and Ypsilanti nearly 60 years. Capt. Eli Lyon, South Bend, Ind., Dec. 9, 1890; 79 years. Resident of state 34 years. Dr. John W. Babbitt, Ypsilanti city, Jan. 8; 88 years, 5 months and 21 days. Native of Vermont. Resident of Ypsilanti 42 years. Mrs. Eliza Rice Clarke, Ypsilanti city, Jan. 10; 62 years. Life-long resident of county. Mrs. A. Coyle, of Ypsilanti city, Jan. 10; 74 years. Resident 42 years. Mrs. H. S. Frieze, widow of Prof. Frieze, Ann Arbor city, Jan. 12; 69. Resident of Ann Arbor, 34 years. Chauncey H. Millen, Ann Arbor city, Jan. 17; 70 years. Resident of state most of the time since 1835 or 56 years. Mrs. Hannah Pacey, Dexter, Jan.; 95 years. S. H. Dimick, Ypsilanti city, Feb. 9; 69 years. Resident of state 57 years. Isaac Wertman, Ypsilanti city; 64 years. Resident of state 49 years. Prof. A. Winchell, Ann Arbor city, 67 ; Feb. 19. Resident 40 years. Mrs. Lucy A. Hale, Ypsilanti city, March 2 ; 77 years. Resident 48 years. Bernard Williams, Ypsilanti city, March 5; 85 years; old resident. Mrs. Geo. Gould, Ypsilanti city, March 2; 67 years; old resident. Sherman Hinckly, Pittsfield, March 9 ; 87 years. Resident 60 years. Zeno Carpenter, Ypsilanti city, March 10; 83 years. Dr. F. M. Oakley, Ypsilanti city, March 16; 61 years; old resident. M. M. Boyd, Chelsea, March 30; 76 years. Resident 56 years. Mrs. Ann Eliza Gorton, March 30; 70 years. Resident 60 years. John Minnis, Ypsilanti city, April 5; 88 years. Resident 51 years. Mrs. Deidamia Draper, Ypsilanti I city, March 28; 78 years. Resident 47 years. Mrs. Sarah Nedner Coe, Ypsilanti city, April 9; 86 years 2 months and 8 days. Resident 50 years. Selah B. Collins, Lyndon, April 18; 78 years. Pioneer settler of that town. Esther Near, Ypsilanti city, April 9; 67 years old resident. Moses Lepronce, Ypsilanti city, May 15; 77 years. Resident 55 years. H. G. Sheldon, Hastings, Nebraska, May. About 70 years; oíd resident. Of the 53 names here reponed, 3 were over 90 years of age,' viz.: Mrs. Hannah Pacey, of Dexter, 95, the oldest; Mrs. Ann Eliza Gorton and Mrs. Bridget Tiernan each credited with 90 years; 21 were over 8o and under 90; 18 between 70 and 80; 10 between 60 and 70; 1, Capt. Randall, 49, being the youngest on the record. The most remarkable thing noted in this record is that contrary to the common rule, the number of deaths between 80 and 90 is greater thai for any other decade. The last report for a full year showed 31 between the ages of 70 and 80, to 23 between 80 and 90, while this year the figures for 9 months are 18 between 70 and 80, to 21 between 80 and 90. Is this a confirmation of the belief that the average duration of life is meving steadily upward ? Last year's report showed 4 90 and upwards - full year - to 3 this, although the extreme age this year is one greater, viz. : 94 last to 95 this year. The average age of all here named is 72 years nearly. All of which is respectfully submitted. Wm, H. Lay, Necrologist. TAKEN BY A. H. HOTCHKEN. The list of names of persons who have died in the vicinity of Saline, , since the first of September, 1890, to June, 1891 : Mrs. Cristina Blager, died Oct. 6, 1890; age 80 years. She was born in Germany. George Rentscler, died in Lodi, Nov. 19, 3890; age 55 years. He was born in Germany. William Dun, died in Saline, Dec. 26, 1890. He was born in New York; age 83 years. Mrs. Marcia Burroughs, died in Saline, Dec. 27, 1890; age 68 years. She was born in New York. . Mrs. C. C. Sangree, died in York, Dec. 26; age 67 years. She was born in New York. Mrs. Orin Culver, died in York, Dec. 26; age 60 years. She was born in New York. Mrs. Ann Benton, died in Lodi, Feb. 8, 1891; age 80 years. She was born in New York. George Lindsley, died in Saline, March 2, 1891; age 54 years. He was born in Pennsylvania. Mrs. Catherine Bartlett,. died in Saline, March 18, 1891: age 51 years. She was born in New York city. Fred. Graf, died in Saline, April 25, 1891; age 47 years. He was born in Germany. Mrs. Elizabeth A. Clark, died in Saline, May 3, 1891, age 56 years. She was born in York, Michigan. Mrs. Harriet Fellows, died in Saline, May 21, 1891; age 85 years. She was born in New York. Edgar R. Aldrich, died in Pittsfield, May 25, 1891; age 52 years. He was born in Saline, Michigan. John G. Andress, died in Saline, May 27, 1891; age 79 years. He was born in Germany. LIST OF PIONEERS DIED IN WASHTENAW COUNTY IN 1891. Lewis W. Britton, Dexter village, May 11; 85 years. Resident 29 years. Mrs. Oliver M. Smith, Dexter village, May 11; 75 years. Resident 50 years. Hanson Sessions, Ann Arbor, Aug. 1 1 . J. D. Baldwin, Ann Arbor, Aug. 11. Resident 55 years. Prof. S. H. Douglas, Ann Arbor, Sept. 5. Mrs. T. M. Cooley, wife of Judge Cooley, Ann Arbor, Sept. 5. Editor Kendall Kittredge, Ann Arbor. Sept. 5. ( Hamilton J. Snyder, Webster, Sept. 15; 77 years. Resident 20 ' years. Isaac Dubois, Dexter, Sept. 15; 81 years. Resident 24 years. Mrs. Sarah Carr, wife of Enos Carr, Dexter village, Sept. 18; 76 years. Resident 55 years. Marcus Piatt, came to Dexter in 1835, Sept. 18; 58 years. Resident 56 years. Mrs. Caroline Warner, Pittsfield, Sept. 26; 74 years. Resident 45 years. Thomas Kearns, Ann Arbor, Sept. 29. Mrs. Johnson, wife of Samuel Johnson, Dexter, Oct. 6; 56 years. Resident 20 years. Mrs. Lucy Stetson, daughter of Wm. Cooper, Lima, Oct. 25; 63 years. Resident 56 years. Mrs. A. M. Bross, Ann Arbor Nov. 3. Thomas F. Hill, dropped dead in Ann Arbor, Nov. 8; 77 years. Mrs. Volney Potter, Dexter village, Nov. 9; 76 years. Resident 40 years. Mrs. Eve Wait, daughter of Wm. Arnold, Dexter, Nov. 10; 26 years, ' Resident 26 years. ■ iContinued on Eighth Paire.) Necrological Report. (Continued from Fourth Page.) George Stcckfprd, old resident Lima, Nov. 7; 85 years. Resident 50 years. Mrs. J. C. R. Day, old resident Dexter, Dec. 5; 60 years. Mrs. Con Tuomey, Dexter, Dec. 5 Mrs. Harriet A. Keith, Ypsilanti Dec. 9; 83 years. Resident 30 years. Mrs. Devine, mother to John Devine, Webster, Dec. 13; 94 years. Resident 55 years. Capt. Charles Thayer, Ann Arbor Dec. 14; 89 years. Resident 64 years. Dr. Charles S. Jeffries, old resident Dexter, Dec. 5; 75 years. Resident 55 years. Rev. Lorenzo S. Davis, came to Ypsilanti in 1828, Dec. 21; 78 years. Resident 62 years. Mr. George S. Rosser, came to Dexter village in 1830, Dec. 26; 69 years. Resident 61 years. Mr. James Turner Allen, came to Ann Arbor in 1830, died in Chicago, Dec. 22; 86 years. Resident 65 years. Mr. John Turner Chipman, Pittsfield, Jan. 6, 1891; 87 years. Resident 60 years. William Morrison, old resident Scio, died in Detroit, ; 75 years. Resident 50 years. Dr. J. W. Babbitt, Ypsilanti, Jan, 8; 89 years. Resident 42 years. Mrs. Permelia Jenks, wife of Denison Jenks, Lima, Jan. 14; 79 years. Resident 49 years. Alvinza Potter, Scio, Jan. 14; 54 years. Resident 51 years. Mrs. Pacey, wife of Anthony Pacey, Scio, Jan. 14; 94 years. Resident 60 years. Chauncey H. Millen, merchant, Ann Arbor, Jan. 18; 70 years. Resident 50 years. Mrs. Lee, wife of Dr. John Lee. Dexter village, Jan. 22; 44 years. Resident 14 years. Mr. Norton B. Rowley, came to Ypsilanti in 1831, died in Detibit, Jan. 29; 78 years. Resident 60 years. i Mr. James Blair, old resident of Dexter, died in Howell, Feb. 2; 70 years. Resident 50 years. Mrs. Sullivan,wife of Pat Sullivan, Webster, Feb. 3; 75 years. Resident 50 years. Mr. John Dunlavey, old resident of Webster, died in Hamburg, Feb. 7; 74 years. Resident 50 years. Mrs. Martha Waldron, wife of Wm. Waldron, old resident of Webster, died in Jackson, Feb. 11; 74 years. Resident 50 years. Mr. William Warner, came to Dexter village in 1826, Feb. 16; 85 years. Resident 65 years. Mr. Jessie Scott, came to Lima in 183 1, died in Webster, Feb. 25; 73 years. Resident 60 years. Mr. Shepard Taylor, Dexter, Feb. 13; 70 years. Resident 50 years. Mr. Alexander Winchell, Ann Arbor, Feb. 19. Prof. Conrad Lehn, pioneer of Manchester, March r. Resident 50 years. Mr. Terry, father to Isaac Terry, Webster, March 3; 91 years. Resident 50 years. Elisha Hiscock, War of 1812, Mooreville, March 3; 97 years. " Resident 57 years. Prof. William P. Wells, of the University, Ann Arbor, died in . troit, March 4. Prof. Sheldon Beach, old resident of Lima, died in Dexter, March 13; 96 years. Resident 55 years. ( Mrs. Elizabeth Goss, widow of James Morris, died in Dexter lage, March 23; 78 years. Resident 59 years. Mrs. Harriet Nordman, wife of Henry Nordman, came to Lima in ; 832, died in Webster, March 29; 5 years. Resident 59 years. Mr. John J. Shaffer, Ann Arbor, ; March 27; 93 years. Resident 50 ears. í Mr. Zeno Carpenter, Ypsilanti, March 10; 83 years. Resident 20 ) ears. Mrs. Horace Miller, Bellville, I March 15; 91 years. Resident 57 5 ears. Mr. Levi Quackenbush, Salem, í April 3; 67 years. Mrs. Purline Bartle, old resident of Salem, April 6; 81 years. Mrs. Sarah Coe, Ypsilanti, March 31; 86 years. Mrs. Patrick O'Neil, Ann Arbor, April 10; 75 years. Resident 50 years. John H. Morris, Ann Arbor, dropped dead in Chelsea barn, April 10. Andrew Greening, Lyndon, died in Chelsea April 17; 72 years. Resident 50 years. Mrs. Alvina Goodspeed, old resident of Dexter, died in Chicago, April 9; 70 years. Resident 57 years. Nelson Green, Ann Arbor, April 9th. Mrs. Coleman, wife of James Colman, Scio, May 1; 80 years. resident 55 years. Mrs. Hass, wife of Jacob Hass, Scio, May 1; 70 years. Resident go years. Col. John Montgomery, died at Eaton Rapids, May 14; 87 years. Resident Webster 61 years ago. Mrs. Lovina Lamphier, wife of Ashly Lamphier, Whitmore Lake, May 14; 85 years. To Ann Arbor, 1830. Resident 61 years. Ransom Ferris, town of Dexter, May 24; 88 years. Resident 40 years. Mrs. Mercey C. Britton, died at Hudson, May 28; 75 years. Resident Dexter 40 years. Shurmon Hinkly, Pittsfield, May 28; 87 years. Resident 56 years. Garret Shexter, Saline, May 28; 3o years. K. W. Pierce, York, May 28; 75 pears. Resident 32 years. Rev. Stephen Klingman, Lodi, pril 17; 67 years. Resident 30 fears. Fred Laubengayer, Scio, April '■3 85 years. Resident 58 years. Fred Gross, Lima, April, 21; 75 rears. Resident 61 years. Maria Barbara Haas, Freedom, tfay 1; 67 years. Resident 58 'ears. Abraham Hirth, Lodi, May 26; '8 years. Resident 56 years.