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Our Teachers For Next Year

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The following are the teachers and salaries as adopted by our board of education for the ensuing year: High School- Walter S. Perry, A. M., superintendent, $2,200; Judson G. Pattengill, A. B., principal, Greek and Latin, $1,800; Horatio N. Chute, M. S., physics, $1,700; Levi D. Wines, C. E., higher mathematics, $1,400; Alice Porter, Ph. B., Latin, $700; Mary E. Hunt, B. L., natural science, $700; Mary E. Dickey, German, $800; Fred C. Clark, A. M., history and political economy, $900; Louis P. Jocelyn, B. S., mathematics, $800; Anna H. Adams, Ph. B., French and Latin, $500: William W. Eaean, Ph. mar, etymology and composition,$650; Collie H. Trueblood, elocution, $190; J. C. McClenahan, B. S., bookkeeping and commercial lav?, $1,200; Grace Taylor, rhetoric and English literature, $700; Sara Whedon, A. B., general English, $550; Jabez Montgomery, Ph. D., chemistry and astronomy, $1,000; Nellie S. Loving, librarian, $450. Grammar and Primary Department, Central building- Eliza C. Ladd, principal, $500; Anna D. Robison, $450; Abbie A. Pond, pro rata, $450. First Ward- Clara G. Plympton, principal, $500; Emilie J. Eldridge, $400; Celia L. Burke, $400; Wilhelmina L. Bonder, $350; Carrie Baxter, $400; Maggie T. McDivitt, $400. Second Ward - Mary Mulholland, principal, $500; Miiyiie A. Drake, $375; Emily C. Lutz, $350; Emily Gundert, $400; Augusta W. Walter, $375; Melinda K. Mogk, $325. Third Ward - Belle K. Edson, principal, $475; Elizabeth G. Cowan, $350; Sarah G. Come, $400; Clara L. Woodmansee, $400. Fourth Ward - Annette L. Ailes, principal, $500; Julia A. Howard, $400; Eva Leonard, $375; Eugene Mogk, $350; Jennie L. Wines, $375. Fifth Ward - Mattie E. Goodale, principal, $450; Charlotte L. Millard, $400; Hattie V. Haviland, $375; Alice L. Treadwell, $350. Sixth Ward - Addie C. Jewell, principal, $450; Ella S. Wright, $400; Mattie Cornwell, $400. Special - Alice Hunt, drawing, 9400; Lucy K. Cole, music, $400; Emma Banfield, writing, pro rata, $400.