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Nine Horses Smothered

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Nine horses were smothered by a fire in the livery stable of Hiram Kittredge, Tuesday night. The fire as discovered about midnight, by Jesse Stevens and a stableman who was setting up ith hinv watching a fick horse belonging to Stevens. The two men were sitting In front oí the etable. Grolng back to glve the horse Borne medicine, they dlscovered the taarn in ñames. They cried tire and tried to save the horses. .n attemt was made to s'-nd the alarm in by tclephone and some time was lost in getting in the alarm. Finally a man was sent and In two minutes affcer he reached the encino house the departiiiiiit had water on the fire. The fire had run over the hay and straw and the whole of the upper part of the binety foot building seemed enveloped in flamea. Although it was an ugly ftre to fight, the department saved he building. There were sixteen horses in the stable. Seven of them were rescued, the others being smothered by the dense smoke. , One of the smothered horses was gotten out of the building, but went around to ánother door and back into the dense smoke. Aid. Frank O'Hearn helped in doíñg good work in saving horses. Seven of the nine horses smothered belonged to Mr. Kit t rediré and were heavy horses used in teaming. Ho estimated them as wort h over $800. He brul 110 insurance on them. Ono of the horses belonged to Miss Belle K. Edson and the other was a valuable breed mare belonging to Philip and Michael Duffy Of Northfield. Mr, Philip Duffy had driven in that evening to take the train for Detroit, loaing the horse in tl)5 Stable, It is not known how the ilre originated. Sheriff Dwyer, who saw the fire from the beginning, says the Ann Arbor fire department is not given praise enough. He thinks it the most efficiënt department in the state. And its record shows as mueh. There was only $1,000 insurance on the building and none on the contenta.