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Farmers are hearing their sheep and wil] soon have tbem shorn.. The apple i-n; in this township does not promlse to be ;i large one. A brother ol Mr. Brown, gtatlon agani al the junctlon, pald hint a visit last week. Whoai. which promisea a good harvist in locallty, is dow mostly headed out. Monday the mercury In the thermometer stood at !i2 iu the Bhade, íaboiít 1 i. m. Corn is lxnng cultivated and otlior farm woi-k, bncldeni to the season, is in progrese. Tho showers we have had lately have been, touching some points ajid missing othei-s. Spring tprm of school in District No. _ 1 y nn: Chalmers, doses on "FFiday of this week. Iast Siimlay was Observed s'ith appropriato exerdses at the Roberts school house as chlldreu's day. Bees onslit to make honey now, for more white clover wasnever Been than lias made iis appcaraneo Tliis spring. Mr. Fred w-hii. of the l.iws. wiio livcs ï 11 enlihtened townshlp, lias invested in a Germán flute and melody is now the order of the day with him. Melody is a great soother of the ills of life, vcrily it is. Thp county roads, Iiaving had their animal fixins up, all urban and suburban propio are inviterl to ride out on them and view the beauties of ■nature and contrast them on their ■{urn to the city, witli the beauty of briek and mortar and all the other good views In town. Your correspondent, like the quaker, who speak when the spirit moves them, ite"inises best when in the mood for it. There would seem to be something artificial in writing at stated jjeriods, sometliing perhaps suited to the city, where nll is artificial but not suited to the viild and free nature of country life. Lord Byron remarles that "Art, freedom, Rlory fail, but nature Rtill is fair." Nature certainly will exist. when art, freedom and glory shall have passed away, like a dream that is gooe when we awake.