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The J. T. Jacobs Company

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OFFERINGS FOE JUNE ! THE GREATEST SLÁUGHTER SALE! Ever seen in Washtenaw. Owing to the cold, backward Spring it makes our season limited; and gardless of prpfit, we make this great sacrifice. All TMn Fancy Sumir Coats and Yests at OneHalf Former Price Which is less than the raw material can be prodaced for. 200 pairs Pants at One-Half Price 200 Men's Suits at One-Third Off. 100 Boys' Suits (12 to 18 years) One-Third off. 200 Children's Suits (4 to 14 years) One-Third off. All Children's Waists at One-Half price. Workingmen, take advan tage of this and avail yourself of this golden opportunity. 200 Overalls, Pants andJackets at onlv 42 cents each. 200 pairs Cotton Pants at only 64 cents a pair. ' y F'rrxi.KrisEcinNrcSrS. Great Cyclone in Neckwear. All 25c and 30c Ties at only 17 cents. All 50c Ties at only 38 cents 300 Men's Alpine and Domel Fancy Shirts, 42c. The finest line of Outing Shirts in Negligee, Madrass' Sateen, Etc, Etc. Do not fail to see them. They range in price f rom 75 cents upward. Everythinè in Headgear goes at Seventy-Five Cents on the dollar. Do not miss this opportunity to avail yourself of a nice hat. We are Headquarters for Trunks, Telescopes, and Traveling Bags. THE J. T. JACOBS CO., S7 jflSTlD 39 JLjXIsT STBEET, - -A.3XTlsr ARBOR.