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fiOLS VESAL, PABIS, 1878. Ï. Baker &Cö;s DiBüKIaSI Gocoa trom which the excess of oil has been removed, is Absolutely JPure andit is Soluble. No Chemicals are used in its preparation. It has more than three times the streng th of Cocoa mixed with Starch, Arrowroot or Sugar, and is therefore far more economical, costing less than one cent a cup. It is delicious, nourishing, strengthening, easily Digested, and admirably adapted for invalids as well as for persons in health. Sold by Crocers everywhere. W. BAKER & CO., Dorchester, Mass. HENRY RICHARDS. Dealer in all kinds of mi wqod, LUXSE&, rsscs posts, Maple Flooring, etc, also Pin@ and Sh.ingles. ALL KI5ÍDS OF FIRE WOOT). PRICES ae LOW as any dealer 1n the City. Agent for Sh&mpicn Binders ú Moto. lío. 9 Detroit Street ANN ARBOK, - - MICHIGAN R1IÏ & SEABOIT'S BAKERY, &R0CERY AND FLOUR AND FEED STORE, We keep consiantly on hand BREAD, CRACKERS, CAKES, c. For Wholesale or Ketail Trade. We shall also keep a supply ot OSBORNE'S GOLD DUST FLOUR. J. M. Swlft & Co.' Best White Wheat Flour, Kye Flour, Buokwheat Flour, Corn Meal, Fied, &&, &e., &c, At Wholesale and Retail. A general stock ot eHOOERIES AND PRCVISIONS constantly on hand, which will be sold on as reasonable terms as at any other house in the city. -Cash paid ior Butter, Eggs, and Countr Produce generallv. -Goods Delivered to anv part of the city wltr out extra chargre. Rinsey & Seaholt, W. F. LODHOLZ IS OFFEEING BAR&AiS IN km ui Provistas. PÏKT-CU5S GOSSS SPECIALTT. New Teas at 25, 30, 40. and 50c per pound. Kettles, porcelain lined, free with I pound Baking Powder at 50 cents. China ware free with 1 pountl coffee at 25 cents per lb. The best goods at the loweit prices. Always Ml weight and measure. All goods fresh and warranted. Deüvered to any part of the city. You will save money by trading W. F. LODHOLZ, 4 and 6 Broadway. WALL PAPER! WALL PAPER. OF Al. LiThe Newest Designo ! PRICES THE LOWEST AT OSCAU 0. SORG, THE DECORATOE, 7O HCIHST ST. H. KITREDGE, No. 6 West Ann Street. L1VEHÏ,H VIK Vll lï AtUl AliE ll.E, In the rear of Edward Duffy's grocery Btore. Hack to all trains, day and nlght. Orders for trainB, parties, weddings and funerala promptly attended to. Telephone, 108 Ann Arbor Mich.