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GRANDMA says it is 20 yeurs since she made such good bread as this. She says GlLLETT'S MAGSC YEAST is likethe yeast she used to make herself, and she hopes she will never have to do without it again ; and we all hope so, too. Cali for t at your Grocer's. It is always good and always ready. IÏIRS. C. H. JONES, UMWt IISS-MAIi! Fourth St. Oip site Coart House 3raping and Cuttinj a Spacially! Mme. Keliosfg-'a French Tailor System used. Perfect work g-uarsateed. Instructtons in 3Uttinsfby the vellos Fi-encli Taylor System ?iven. EBERBACH &. SOM. DRUGH&ISTS AND PHARMACI8TS, No.12 Soutb Main Street DEALEliS IN Drugs, Metlicines, Chemicals, A.rtist'3 and Wax Flower Materials Toilet Articles, Trasses, Etc. PüilllivliJOW Special atlrntlon paid to tne hirnishinij of Physicians, Chemists, Schoois, etc, with philosophical ind Chemical Apar&tus, Rohemtan Ciiemical Glassnr ire, Porcelain Ware, P;ire eagrents, etc. Physicians' Prebcriptions Carefullv Preparal Bt i.11 hours. fff, v,nr is mnilc by John R. BTètT worker. A Btnrt you, fumishing neiflbinil. EAS1I.Y, SFEEDILY lenrmil. rAlllICtLAÜS FJiEE. Addreu al once, ÜIL.NailN h CO., IDUTUMI, mili, FREDERIGK KRAÜSE, AUCT1ONEER. Willattencl to all sales on short notlce at reasonable charges. For iurther particulars cali at the Argüs oiïice . WANTEP, FOR SALE, ETC. FOÜND - An umbrella, on State Street. Owner can have the same by callinx at this office, and proving property. 41-40 FOK RENT- Two commodlouspleasant flats, with Blx rooms eaoh in New Bloek on State Street. Euquii-e at Ko. IS South State Street. i'OR SALE- Three Cows, two Open Buggies - and Phaeton, two sete of Single Harness, Hay Press, and Billiard TaWe. C. H. K1CHMOND, ÖÜEast Hurou Street. 39-49 lOK HENT- Offices suitable for Doctor, " Lawyer or Uentist. over W. I). Adam's liazaar. ' No. 13 South Main stveet. (J. H. KICHMOND, 60 East Huron Street. 39-49. 4 NN ARBOR NURSEKY- Fruit and ornaat, mental trees. Peach and pear a specialty. ■ Grape vines, berry olants, etc. Price low. Jacob Ganzhorn, bead of Spring street. 1 OPER f ENTINVE8TMENTS!- County and 1 ATownship securities. No risk, nocollection expenses, reuniré no attention, absolutely sale! Address E. Berrigan. Principal State Normal Scuool, Milnor, Noith Dakota. 31- Ui FOR KENT- Uniurniehed rooms for house keeping Ï5.0U and Í7.00 per month. Onehalf of large bouse, $10.00 per month, very convenient, large yard, water etc. Public Hall on Main St., for students or other society. Good office on Main St. New house and 6 acres of ground and fruit trees, a mile irom Court House. Enquire of J. Q. A. SEb; SIONS, Att'y and Real Éstate Agent. No.5 North Main St. -" FOK SALE- My borse and phaeton, all complete, robe, harnees, whip etc.. ïlio. Address, Geo. W.Miüen. 41-45 tf&t FORS ALE ORRENT-House No.ll Jefferson street. near División ; possession, July 1. C. H. Kicumond. 3a"4a FnR SALE.- A hand doublé buggy, suitablefor carrying milk to the creamery. Enquire at this office 41-45. FOR SALE AT A The Northwest quarter of the Southwest quarterof Sectionl6intheTownshipof York.about tour miles trom Saline village. A good house and email barn on the premises, known as the Weslev Ouderkirk farm. For terms apply to E.B. Pond, . . No. 6, NV Main street, Ann Arbor. 45 tf. $&&-:' ','■:"■, ■ ', '"t' liV'n weli. Vhy ' , m ..ver í 3W.tlU V 13S6 ' - nid livo 4 fvi; V1 ' -.o ujj Qw . nn "ri. ln m "■ "i"1 7 I n mil' ns thim. '' ' ndcrftil. Partícula! B.HnUettA! Oo.,íís si PorMlMUl.MoJna rin i o_b fí P c étt o L' ií N í"- v p1 V% y BP ülwSmv1"''1"1' i WfcíiíPnd valukble lineof Hoaiehold flñhÍS( ftniDlea These samples. As well "IHRAimS ,,L free. All the work you „üd do U o thow hal we k"í T to he who cll-you, fííndH uid ncirhborsandthofe-ibout yo-tbtlwynetult í".lu.Me for u.. which hold. tor rew. h.n o„c .I.ned