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Formerly of New York, now the celebratedExaminmgPhysicinns and Sureons of the Fruth Mecical and Surgical Institute, Chicago, 111., by rL9e' _' '?"" rlenas and Patients, have decided to visit ANX ABJSOJl THUESDAY, JULY 2nd, 1893. Consultation and Examination free and strictlycoDfldential in the private parlors of TECE COOZ: HOUSE, ONE DAYONLV. D. 0. FRUTH. A. C. FRUTH. Celebrated Surgeon. Examinlng Phys cían. OKT11K Frutb. Medical and Surgical. Xnstitute. Permanently established and incorporated under the laws of the State of Illinois, with a capital stock of $100,000, for the scientific and successful treatment of all forms of Clironic and Sexual iDiseases, Catarrh, Asuana; Stomach, Kidney, Bladder Nervmis and Special Deseases of Men and Women. Ably assisted by a full stafí of eminent physicians and surgeons for every department of medicine and surgery. Female Diseases positirely cured by a cever failing inethod. A home treatment cntirely barmless and easily apphed. Consultution free and strictly confldential. Dr Fruth after yeare of experience bas perfectéd the most intallible method of curmif Vital drain in Urine. Nocturnal losses, Impaired Memory, Weak Back, Melanch., y, Want of Enerjfy, Premature decline of the ManlvPowers, if consulted before ïdiocy, ïnsanitV, fallinif fits or total impotency resulls. These terrible disorders arisefrom rumous practices of youth, blithing the most radiant hopes, unnttinif patiënt for study, society, or muriiage. Annually sweeping to au utitimelv grave thousands ot men of briliant intelect and exalted talent. Piles Cured without "pain, knil'e or eautery. M arrlage. Married persons or yount? men oontemplatinti marriage, aware of physical weakness, loss of proereative powers, ïinpotency, or any other disqualaliflcation, speedily restored. Eollepsy positively cured bv our new and nov fQiiinir HnRnital treatment. Kidney and Bladder Dlseases Bright's Disenso, Diabetes and kiudred mala dies treated and cures elïected in thousandsof cases that had been pronounced bevond hope. Private Diseases-Blood Poison, Sypyillis. Uonorrhcea, Sleet, Strieture, Hydroeele, Veriooeele, Loss ol Sexual Power and all di: seasesc.i ihe penlto-urlnary oiyans, speedily and permenen ly oured. No risks iiiciirred. Coneulituion tree and strictly oonfldential. Hedldnp -'"■ '"'■ frora observatlon to al) pui i■ i Wates. Catarrh Curfd. Cntarrhal affeotiona oi the Qose, thvi .i, lungs and stomach, bronchitis, aathraa. consuuiption and dyspepsia, Buocessfiïüv -: ated hy t'ie must recent and wrhich i vast hospital oxperiem-' bae proved worthy of tnnlldence. We deeire 110 better prooi ol succes tlmn the testimoniáis on file al the instltute, ot thouBandB asea that we have restoreo to health and bapi Free Examination of the Urine. Kach pereon applying for medical trcatment Bhoultl send or I ruw an ounce of thoir urine, which will reoeive a careíul chemical aad microscopical examination. WñlHMH! WIT rnOP? Fertccted in old easee which havo been nejrlected orunskillfully treated. WDNDEErUIi uUA&U No experimente or failures, Partiec treated by mail and express, but wherepossible, personal conBultation is preferred, CuraW eaE guaranteed. -Cases and correspondenee i confidential. Treatmfcut seut C. O. D to any part of theü. S. Ltof 130 questions iree. Address with poitage. DH. D. O. FKÜTH, 69 East Madlflo gtreet, Chicago, 111,