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Others try to copy but we have the only GENUINE REDUCTION SALE Oï1 CIL.OTIKCIlNrG-Not Goods that have accnmnlnted for the past twenty or thirty years and were thrown on the market as a rneans of getting rid of an eyesore, but good desirable Clothing. No old stock, but your choice of the largest stock of Good Clothing in Washtenaw County. Goods that are well made and stylish. Any Suit, any Overcoat, any Pair of Pants in the House at ONE-Q.UARTER OFF The Regular Price and no goods marked up to suit the occasion We have Clay Worsteds in Prince Albert Suits. We have Wide Wale Worsteds in Prince Albert Suits. We have Corkscrew goods in Prince Albert Suits. All go at ONE-QUARTER OFF The Regular Prices. We have Prince Albert, Cutaways and Sack Suits for Men or Boys. We have Pants cut in the latest styles and Pants that are cut medium. Your choice of all at ONE-QUARTER OFF. COME AND GET BARGAINS AT THE TWO SAMS, 1-.