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A New Jersey man, who died Ín tli íull...

A New Jersey man, who died Ín tli íull... image
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A New Jersey man, who died Ín tli íull belief that the single taz w;is t furnisli the panacea for all ills, lef $12,000 to Henry George for .h spread of nis single tax doctrine. Bu alas for the NewJersey niaai's panacea The lawyers got after the bequest an after they had all their eay, Georg got just -■".:.- to spread liis doctrinet The lawyera pot the rest. "We owe our (readers an apology fo the amouat of space devoted in thi issue to advertising. It has been ou intention to get out a paper larger thain ten pages tliis -week to give more reading, but the heavy amount o .eommeincenient work, which has kept our presses busy, renders this impos sible. A careful perusal of the adver tisinji columms may rcsult in the eav ing of money to our readers. The republican party is the legiti mate successor of the oíd federal or aristocratie party. Henee, probably the assistanee of the United States has been used by the "president" or dictator of Chili to assist in putting down the constitutional party of Chili. The Chilian war, as near as we can make out, was caused by the president endeavoring to usurp monarchal powers. The Chilian congress resisted his usurpations and war began. It makes little diflerence if Balmaceda terms the constitutional party rebels. So were our revolutionary forefathers called rebels. It would seem that the sympathy of this government ought to le with the people not with the dictator.