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Let's reason together. Here's a firm, one of the largest the country over, the world over ; jt has grown, step by step, through the years to greatness - and it sells patent medicines ! - ugh ! " That's enough ! "- Wait a little- This firm pays the newspapcrs good money (expensive work, this advertising ! ) to teil the people that they have faith in what they sell, so much faith that if they can't benefit or cure they don't want your money. Their guarantce is not indefinite and relative, but definite and absolute - if the medicine doesn't help, your money is " on cali.'" Suppose every sick man and every feeble woman tried these medicines and found them worthless, who would be the loser, you or they ? The medicines are Doctor Pierce's "Golden Medical Discovery," for blood diseases, and his " Favorite Prescription," for woman's peculiar ills. If they help toward health, they cost $1.00 a bottle each ! If they don't, they cost nothing Report of the Comlition OF Tho Farmers' & Mui hú AT -a.ítít A.üBoie, agrien. At tbe cloae of business, May 4, 1S91. RESOURCES. Loansand Discounts $244,107 27 Moeks bonds, mortsages.ete 73 y.n'i 7 OVcl-drafts 2.460.96 Due from bai.ks in reseive ciiii s 39426 49 rilllsin trausil 4,854.50 Furnicure ;ind Fixturef 3,00(0 Current expenses u.d faxes paid 1 (v)'1 ï7 luterest paid 2,834.22 Checks andokshiu-ms 8]o.76 Nick?Ii: and Pen nies - 4Q Gold " ■ 7ig'su 8'lver "_ i'fiU.H U. o. and Natloci) Entife Notes 10,41'.. Oü I0U1] $.-i2,4f...'"' LIABII.ITIES. Capital stock paid in 6O.0OP.00 Surplus fm.d 10,000.00 Lndnided proflts 11 612 74 Oividends impnid ." ' SOiCK' Comtuercial.cliposits " 264,634'oi SaviutjB deposita _. f ,191.75 Total jSHa.4fis.fiO STATE OF MICHIGAN,) County of Waehtenaw, fBSI. Frederck H Belser, Cashier of the al.ove named Bink, do solemaly swear that tbe ahove statement s true to the best of niy knowledce and belief. F. H. BELSEE, Caahier. Subscribid and sworn to before 111e this lltn day of Ma., J891. W. W. WHEDON, Notary Public. COKREOT- Attest: REÜEEN KEMPF, ) A. KEAHNEY. I Directora. CHAS. E. GKEENE, i Who has nor had g.PoorHoseT GOOD RUBBER fljnfcjj ' jff f could be bought ten v-1 J V1 JSV'1'' 'X yearsago. Why? t itM3L - cauee there was rub.n jfcè ter in it. The hose oíd by dealer to-day contalns little or no pnre rubber. Our BLUE BRAND HOSE ia the old-fasKioned kind, and is made of rubber. With good care It shouki last flve or six years. It is cheap at the prlce. A a euarante! that you are gettlng what yoa pay for, and are not S5V eve gbírJLPOOr articíe' We Pl8ce th" If you eannot ret it of your dealer, we wül send it, eipress paid, on receipt of money. Sample fret ifyou. mention this paper. BOSTON WOVEN HOSE C0„ Manf'fs. of Rubber Beltlng and Packing, 226 Dovonihir Street, Botton 20i Lake St , Chicago i 8 Buh St., San Francisco, Cal, W. L. DOUCLAS f% & 1 I C and other speclalJjJJ (VJ f ties for Gentlemen, ; " ■ ■■ Ladles,etr.,arewar ranted, and so stamped on bottom. A(idr, .- V. L,. ÜOIJGLAS, Urockiou, Mass. Soldby WM. REINHARDT Sc CO -a.3-:e:n-t. HTslII Now we are ready with a NEW BRIOK STOREHOUSE for the storag-e of household goods, pianos, books, stoves, etc . Moving oí househeld goods and pianos earefully done. All kinds of heavy andlightdraying. Freight work. FC. i:. GODFREV, Residence and office 46 Fourth Avenue North. F"Telephone 82._