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Lansim;, Mieh., June 11.- The senate has passed the house game bill, amending it so that deer can be shot in the upper penĂ­nsula only from Oct. 15 to Nov. 1. The bill appropriating $53,000 for the fish iminission this year and next passed the house. The senate. in committee of the whole, passed a bill placing M special charter railroads on the same footing as other roads in the matter of taxation, and auother abolishing all specific railroad taxe.s and substituting local taxation instead. Officers have been sent to Ironwood for evidence in the Doyle-Munthe bribery case. Reporter Graves, who made the charges, bas been expelled from the floor as a uotoriety-seeker. Lansikg, Mich., Jnne 13.- The bill appropriating $30,000 for the national G. A. R. encampment in Detroit was taken up under a cali of the house yesterday for the purpose of attempting to pass it orer the governor's veto. The attempt faued, the bill receiving but 30 ayes to 60 nays. Lansing, Mich., June 13.- The house has passed the senate bill repealing all specific taxes on mines and providing that hereafter they shall be taxed loeally the same as other property. The bill also iepeals the law which exempted from state taxes 640 acres for each mining company. Lansing, Mich., June 17.- The bill flxing a maximum rate of 20 cents for a tenword telegraphic message to any point in Michigan was defeated in the house yesterday. The senate passed the general game bill after amending it so that deer may be shot in the upper penĂ­nsula only between Sept. 15 and Oct. 15. In the house a concurrent resolution was introduced providing that no business shall be transacted after Frid ay , June 36, and that final adjournment shall take place on Monday, June 29.