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On The Bottom Of The River

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Pkovidence, K. L, June ib.- Three of the new mortars f or the United States governmeut, each weighing fourteen ton, were drawn on an eight horse dray from the buĆ¼ders' iron foundry to the river front for shipment to the proving ground at Sandy Hook. Monday night they are resting ingloriously upon the mud on the bottom of Pro vidence river. The steam lighter, Archer, of Fall River, was to transport the big guns, and two had been saiely la n ded Monday afternoon and layathwartship upon the deck. The third gun w&s in the air, carried by tackle rigged with one and one-half inch Kussian hemp ro on the Areher's doek. The requisite height had been gained when the guy rope which was to swing the ponderous burden on board broke and the lighter began to careen as the heavy burden swnng off. The big gun feil into the river with a mighty splash. The vessel's deck lay at an angle and the other two guns slid down into the water before she righted.