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Chicago, Jifne 16. FoUowing were the quotations on the board trade to-dy: Wheat- No. 2 July, opened 90éc, closed 9.%c; September, opened 91Hc, cíosed 92c; December, opened %c, closed MHc Corn- No. 2 June, opened 57c, closed 5SLc; July, opened 54Jée, closed 55Híc; September, opened and closed 520. Oats- No. 2 July, opened 37c, closed 37?4c; August, opened 32c. -tosed 32%c; September, opened 31c, closed 31?íc. Pork-May, opened $10.47, closed $10.35; July, opened $10.52)4, ckwed $10.40; September, opened $Ml75, closed $10.65. Lard- June, opeaed $6.30, closed $6.27. Live stock- Following were the prlces at the Union stock yards to-day: Hogs- Market active and firm, packers and snippers buying, and prices 5@10c higher; sales ranged at $2.604.30 pigs, $4.20@4.60 light, $4.204.35 rough packing, $4.25@4.55 mixed, and $4.40 @4.B5 heavy packing and hipping lots. Cattle- Market rather active on local and shipping account, and prices well snpported; quotationa ranged at $5,75@&40 choice to fancy shipping steers, $5.00@5.7O good to choice do, $4J3O@4.90 common to fair do, $3-5aS4.25 butchers' steers, $2.60@3.50 stockers, $2.75@4.80 Texans, $3.40@4.30 íeeders, $1.504-00 cows, $1.50@3.50 bulls, and $2.50@40 veal calves. Sheep- Market rather active, prices well maintained for best grades, but common kto easy; quotations ranged at $3.50 5.00 westerns, $3.75@5.40 natives, and $5.50@6.75 lomba. Produce: Butter- Fancy separator, 17 18c per Ib; dairies, íancy, fresh, 14@15c; packing stocks, fresh, 10H@llHc. Eggs- Southern stock, loss off, M4c per doz; northern, loss off, 15c. Live poultrr - Oíd chickena, 10c per Ib; snrine. lsaSOc; roosters, 5üc; turkeys, mixed 8c; ducks, 8c Potatoes- Rose, $1.10@1.20 per bu; Hebron, 1130&LM; Peerless, Sl.lfidl.25; Burbanks, %LSB&l.1Oi mixed. $1.10@1.15. Strawberriee- Illinois, 50c per 24-qt case; ludiau, poor to faney, 75cO$10, Michigan, tL3X 1.15. RaspberrieB- Red, S1.50O3.CW per 24-qt case; black, $1.0Ü@1.SO. New York. Nbw York, July 16. Wheat-No. 2 red winter cash, $1.09; July, Jl.OOJi; Augtist, tlMiü September, SL0OHCoro- No. 2 mixeil cash, e; July, 63Hc; August, BWte; September, 60c. Oats- Dull but flnn; No. 2 mixed cash, 43J4c; Jnly, 43Hc; AngBst, 3T?4c. Rye- Neglected. Barley- Neglected. Pork- Dnll; new mese, S12JM@12.50. Lard - Qniet; July. S Angust, SJ3. Live Stock: Cattle- Mai-ket ftrm, bat no trading in beeves; dreaaed beef, steady; native sides, 84@9c per Ib. Sheep and Lamba- Sheep steady; lambe dull and a shade eaeier; Bheep, $4.S0@5.40 per 100 lbs; lambs, $5.00@7.00. Hogs- Nominally stiiady; live hogs, $4.30@5.75 per 100 lbs. Milwaukee. Milwaükkk, June 18. Wheat- Cash and July, M?ic; September, 90J4c. Barley- No. 2 and June, 69Kc; September, 71c; October, 60. Rye- No. 1, 82e; No. 2 80c. Oats- No. 2 white, 40c; No. 3 white, 38)$c. Corn-No. 3, 58c; No. Í. 56c. Detroit. Detroit, June 16. WheatNo. 2 red cash, LÜ8; Jnly. Küc: Augnst, 9O4c; No. 2 white cash; Dvcember, 9liíp. Oorn- No. 3 cash, lc; July, 81c. Ota-No. i cash. 47c: N. S white, ííc