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Jacob Ganzhorn, of this city, wrote ns ïüllows for the June erop report issued by the eecretary of state: "The peacli is our most important fruit erop hora about Ann Albor, and ij came out of the May troste all rlght. Present outlook points to a full erop whieh will be a large one in the aggregate. Applcs will le about 50 per cent. of a erop. Some varieties have 'blossomed full bnt otliers have fuiled to blossom; so that on the whole the crop_ will be a light one. Our pears, eherrles and quinces are all right and are doing well. The frost of the 17th of May has distroyed the grapes except on the highest loeations. My own vineyards show full crops, but others near by but lower situated, had the fruit cut o!'f. The aggregftte erop will range about 50 per cent. About half oí the strnwberry erop is all destroyed. Raapberriea and bVaekberrles are all right. We air lm hí; a phenonjlnal sale of Clothin.f? from the Wagner stock. Fortunafply, whatever we undertake nsiüilly ■;oes v Hii a bang. This ís no exception . Tho proprietor looks beyonö the pocket-book or money drawer and has a warm place in his heart for all customers and liopos such proper sentinients are mutual. i