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Our present undertaking, viz, uie uibposal of the Wagner stock in 30 to 60 days, was a task of no small proportions. Our plans and methods, therefore, must be commensurate with the task nndertaken. The ordlnary newspaper advertising, although additional space might be alloted to ua aéeined inadequate. Au issue distinctively our on prepared for the beaeftt of both proprietor and eustomers, seemed to hang before our minds' eye wlth alluring prospects. The idea lias been realizêd. The issue i beforfe yon. It eert.-ii ly lms the advantage of noveliy . i temmend it. The editor ol the JLrgUtt, in liis (i'.l'ii lal posiiion. has ínentloned the Proprietor In n klodly and aü exceedingly tliitterins mtinner. [ndlviduala may hol ganction Ms kind wdi-ds. With ilicin we eertaiflly shall have no controversy. We do not wholly approve his editorial ourselves. But the object of tilla extra edition, the head at whlch we are strikiny. n fully accomplished, if we reoeti every eitizen of old Washtenaw and notify them nnmistnkably that the star Clothins House holds some remarkably interestimv bargatna lor Men, lio.vs and ChiWrcn n pertalning to thcir weariag apparel. In nddiüon to ollior items aï news Noble giras the ïiew time cards on tlie Central and Toledo roada in this supplement eo that liis customers from out of the city may know how long a time they can spend at the store. The welcome palm of Wednesday, gave the elerks a nmeh needed opporUinity to straighten stock and put the house In order. They have worked from 7 o'clock in the morning until 11 and 12 o'cloek at night duting this ale. On Wedncsday, June lOth, we oponed the Wagner Stock at 1he Star Clotliing House. It has l)oon a treinondous success. Nothtng in the hlstory of the Clothing business h:is ever equalled it. We antieipated as raucli and endeavored to prepare for the rush, but the eustomers we actually lost on Saturday night liecause of our inability to wait upon them, would have made the other dealers happy. Friends, come In regular platoons. ('ome in steady marches. AVlioovor can, come early.