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Wanting And Getting

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It has been said that the reason so few people get what they want in this world is that they do not want it hard enongh. There is prof ound truth at the bottom of this odd conceit. Earnest striving and perseverance are rare qualities. A little struggle, and then a falling off; a few faint efforts, and then despair - this is the usual story of attempts to "get anything," whether it be a physical, mental or spiritual good. But to long for a thing so strongly that for the sake of ita attainment one can conquer obstacles, live down opposition, ignore discouragement and work persistently and throngh ytiiĆ­rs ui mai ana ooscurity towara tne fulfillment of a hope- ia not this the record of all grand achievemente and the history of all purposefcil Uves? Many more wishes might be realized if people were willing to pay this price for them. Anything worth ha ving in this world is dear, inclnding experience. Genius itself has been defined as only unlimited patience, or an endless capacity for hard work. It was told of some celebrated general tha); he never knew when he was defeated. By and by he could not be defeated. A little of the same spirit infnsed into ordinary life work would make many a dream possible that now seems to the wistful dreamer as extravagant as the cloudiest castle in Spain. - Harper's Bazar.


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