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The Improvised Pianist

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A few weeks ago a dancing party was given at one of the largest clubs in Vienna. The regular pianist did not turn up. A message came to say that he was ill. What was to be done? A portar ran out, hailed a cab and said to the driver: "Drive me - faith, I don't know where." "Why, what is it you want?" "I want a piano player. Do you huppen to know of one in the neighborhood?" "I should think I did; in fact, close at hand. You needn't trouble to get into the cab." "Where is he?" "Right in front of you. 1 play the piano myself faarly well, and shall be glad to accommodaíe you." Cabby got down from his box, took bis iSèat at the instrument and kept the visitors dancing till break of day. What is more, he declined to accept any payment; he said he had come as an amateur and for the love of the thing. He considered himself highly honored to have been allowed to spend a night with "such grand company." Whexebnt in Vienna ccrold you hope to find snch a sample of musical training, civility and disinterestedness among the cabbies? - Le Monde Artiste.


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