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A Cause Of Depression

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ïnereisanatnerana equaliy important cause of mental depression and physical disorganization as is that of overeating, and lack' of sufficient exercise. This is the constant application to occupation which is in vogue in this country. Men and women alike, since women are formidable competitors of men in professional pursuits, have a practice of going on in the sanie treadmill manner, year after year, without any lapse for rest. We live in this country at too high a pressure, in a business sense. Men engage of course in business, more actively and in greater numbers than women, yet being brought into so close qontact with the former, women naturally absorb not oniy personal interest, but are of ten plimged into its vortex, and become as bound up by its demands as the men themseives. It is not unusual, in fact, for women to assume and carry out the management of the cotmting room, office and store as well as the household. The strain of these demands upon the system is aaturally very great under the most favorable conditions, when the body is nurtured and rested in a reasonable manner.


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