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A Prominent Business Man

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It must be adniitted that Ann Arbor bas a nuniber of enterprising merchante. Many of tnem have, as it were, grown up with the city. One in particular, we desire to mention ttt t.his time, as he has just left the city to be absent untfl the Ias1 ol Jnly, bo tlirit the editor tVtls perfectly safe in skctcliing liiin. We refer to Joseph T. Jacobs, presideiH ol the .J. T. Jacobs dothing Co. Mr. Jacobs, as Indlan Commissloner, left Tuesday mornlng for San Franciseo, California, stopping en route tci lnspect a number of Indian agencies. The hi-rlily honorable pointment as Indian Commissioner was well deserved by Mr. Jacobs both on account of his great party services anc his standing in the community. His popularity with the people has been amply tested by the great runs he has made for senator and representativo amd by the number of customers who have always patronized the stores in which he has been interested. He itered a clothing store when a mere lad, and for thirty-five years he has boen in the cloth,ing business continually, excepting three years devoted to the service of his country. The vacation -which his duties as Indian Commisri jner gives him, has been well earned. In the army he made a record which he may well be proud of and was in many engagements. As a business man he has been very successful. A number now engaged in the clothing business have graduated f rom hia store. One of the thinics he always impressed upon them was thé fact that they sliould live up to everything he put in his adverti.seiiK'iits. In this way his large trade was built up. His elerks were alsso instmctod never to make a misrepresentation in order to make a sale. By this manner oi dealing the S. T. Jacobs Company have many customers who have dealt continuously with the lirms in which .Mr. Jaobs has been interested ior over twenty years. His word has. been considered as good as his boaid and he has always been thoroiighly interested in the enterpriscs which have helped the city. Mr. Jacobs was one of those who organized tne Farmers' & Mechanics' Bank. He was largely instrumental in bringing to iinal completion the Toledo and Ann Arbor rtüroad which has been a great benefit to the town. He devoted a great deal of time and energy to the orgaaiization of the Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti street railway and that he was correct in his estímate of the advantages to the cit yto a'.ciut from the ïoad is shown by i s popularity to-day. He was one of the organizers and original directora of what is now the Michigan Furniture Company. Mr. Jacobs is a very generous man. Only ,one or two instances from niany will be ciced here. The G. A. R. post hold a five year lease of their present hall free of rent, in Mr. Jacobs' building. In this hall, too, meet the Ladies' Relief Corps and the Sons of Veterang, wlio have named their camp J. T. Jacobs Camp. He has been a great frieoid of the U. of M gymnasium and has aided ie financially and otherwlee. Just a word as to the present business of the J. T. Jacobs Company. The company has inaugurated a great 6laughter 6ale of clothing, hats and gesnts' furnishings from their immense stock. It has proven a great success. They still (have on hand a large stock mot composed of odds and ends, but of goods bought regularly, goods thai are in demand and such as have en abled them to build up their immense trade. Mr. D. C. Fall, who has built up an excellent reputation as a busi ness man, is always on hand to give his personal attention to the large trade of the company, of which he is vicepresident, and an efficiënt corps of clerks are emplpyed. Theodore A. Reyer, son of the late John Eeyer, has lately taken an interest in the company and is its secretary. Truinan H. Wadhams, who formerly sold goods in Chelsea and Dexter, is now ■with the firm. For several years he has been in Kansas and hiS iriends will be glad to know that he has relocated on the county. ( hail s Allmand, president of the bicycle club, is glad to have the boys come around for suits even on wheels. Itobert Christmann, for some time connected with the postoffice, is also among the salesmen. Miss Libbie G. Mogk, the efficiënt bookkeeper, keeps herself busy looking after the money which rolls in. John H. Cutting, who took the prize as the most popular traveling clothing man in the United States, is the treasurer of the compa-ny and Charles P. Davis, who was also voted the most popular salesman in the furnishing goods line, and connected with one of the greatest furnishing goods houses in Boston, is also one of the directors. With the advantage of having sueh men in the compaay, it is well prepared to meet any competition which may arise.