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The Board Of Supervisors

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The board oí supervisors held a special ession on Monday last for the purpose of equallzing taxes for the use of the state board of equaüzation. Alfred Davenport, of York. was elected chairaran of the board. A dispusslon ensued on the necessity of equalizing and the board adjourned till after dirraer to set the opinión of the prosecuting attorney. After dinner and the chairman had furnished the Cigars, Sup. Miner inquired of the proseeuting attorney if the board equaüzed now, could they agaln equalize in October. The attorney answered yes. Sup. Burltngame wanted to know ii it was necessary to equalize at this session. The answer was: "It is necessary. You can equalize next fall aaain, but if you should not the rolls will not be invalidated." A special committee. on eoualization, consisting of Osborn, bert, Hughes, Miner and Young were ippointed, to which Burüngame was added. The basis of equalization was Fixed at $28,000.000 and three-twentyfifths was added to the equalization of each township, excepting Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti. About $100,000 was taken from Ann Arbor township and added to the city and $44,000 was taken from Ypsilnmi township and added to Ypsilanti city. On school commisaoner, the new office just reeated to take the place oí secretary of the board of school examiners. M. J. Cavanaugh was elected, receWtig 22 out of 26 votes. There were no other candidatos. George H. Pond was plected school examiner lor tw.. years and Prof. A. 1). Chisholm, of S:ilrni. !or one year. Supervisor James Kearns was sent) as delégate to appear befo re the state board of equalization and Supervisor Gilbert to assist him. The prosecuting attorney was authorized to enter a nolle prosiqui in any case where the re was reasonable doubt of conviction unlesa a bond was given to cover costS' ot prosecution. The necessary railroad expenses incurréd by the circuit Judge were ordercd paid by the eounty. The compensation of the school commissioner was fixed at $1,500. after an amendment to make it $1,200 bad been befeated by a close vote.