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Washtenaw County From An Adrian Point Of View

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These items have appeared in the Argus before but the Adrián Press seribe has dressed them up in different shape and our readers may wish to see how he views Washtenaw news The "Washtenaw Agricultural society is scheming to enter Governor Winans at their next county fair. Mrs. Priscilla Talcott, of Ypsilanti, aged !S4 years, executed a clear fall from Éhe top olear to the bottom of a stairway, one morning last weck, and went out riding in the afternoon. "Stabbing afiairs, drunken rows and dog Hghts give Milán quite a city air," is. the proud cxelamation of the Saline Observer Milan correspondent. The Ypsilanti mineral well has been deepened and recased, and those who (are fond of decayed eggs will greatly appreciate the smart flavor of the water. $20,000 worth of bonus to manufaeturing Insötntlon, was recent ly voted by Ypsilanti, at a special election. If oio tax payer objects to the bonding, all will go well; but am objector may up and crack the skull of the bonus wlth a legal club. The apology will serve to mitígate Cross for our blunder in mentioning him as a married man- Ypsilantian. TIn; apology wil serve to mitígate exemplary damages, but as the publication has knocked Cross out of his glrl, at least actual damages should be awarded him. Frank Butler, a thriíty Milan farmer, was the owner of a Holstein heifer till she chewed up a dymamite cartridge, designed for blowing stumps. The scattered condition of the heifer after this circumstance, convinced Butler that as a Gatling gun she was a total fuilure. An intelligent wltness in the Washtenaw circuit court, lifted up his right hand and solemnly swore to divulge the truth, the abeohite'truth and the whole of it. Theo he testified that there were 365 rods in a mile. Here was a man bound to be exact, though it should wipe out every section line in ilie United States. The least ostentatious in announcements is that of the state Normal school. It is a small circular folder eomaiinnj;1 a simple invitation to attend the commencement exercises, and a program for the week commeneini; June 19th, with the concert of the conservatory of music, and the usual exercises frotn Sunday to Wednesday, when the final exercises occur. A North Adams man put some eoals of iire in a barrel, sprinkled some brimstone on, and hung his last gummer's hat in' the cráter to bleach As something should be left to the imagioation of the reader, we do not feel at liberty to state what occurred, but the man remarked to the dealer to whom h paid $3 for a new hat, that the oíd raokpt about -'economy" being "wealth" was a blank briiustone lie. The venerable Charlea Woodruff, oi the Ypsilanti Scntinel, one of the ablest I democratie editora in the Btate, who has stood rock-rooted and mcnmtainbutrassed [or demoeracy, since the day, ti the ark rested on Ararat, has abdicated n fvor ol hia son, Vlaarcus 'I. Woodruff. The latter is a "chipo' the old block" block aod all, and the 1 1 .- 1 íí' oí demoeracy will! be there. The senior Woodrnfl wül stlll thump beresy, in the editorial columns of the Santinel. Kev. Edward Shaw, of Benzie, lias offend the gods, both of Ann Arbor aiid Ypsilanti, by repeatins; the oldtime transgression oi calUng those ♦owns "i win cities" True, there ie now a ligament between them, luit the blood corpuscles refuse to miiigle, exeepi in the back alley fights, which take place when tlie of the two towns meet. Let Kev. Shaw stay out oï Ann rbo,-, f ne would avoid tho, "pipkling vat;" and out of Ypsilanti ateo. Capt. Allen is "laying for him" with a political speech.