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Aid. Hall has gone to Alaska. Mis. George Rhodes is visiting iu Sagina w. Kcv. Henry Gelston has returned from Florida. Major Wilson has returned to Warsaw, Wisconsln. Dr. Alien 5s visiting at his fcousin's, Mrs. Israel Hall's. [Mies Hattie Haviland is visiting in Au Sable and Alma. Miss Hattiu Pickard left last evening íor Ciuciimati, Ohio. Mrs. Pinder has returned to England, leaving here yesterday. Mrs. E. S. Sinclair is the uest of her brotiher, J. T. Swathel. Mr. and Mrs. Hollinshed have moved to lirand Kapids. Mise Einma Stanger is visiting friends Ín Liverpool, Ohio. Prof. Hamilioii, el Hucyrus, Ohio, and family are in the city. Miss Erodio ,of Grosse Isle, has been the guest oï Mrs. E. B. Hall. Mrs. L. H. Clement returned Monday from a visit in Homer. Heury G. Wanty, of the Muskegon Daily $Nevs, is in the city. Miss Lucila Stocking, oí WestBranch, is visiting at Moses Seabolt's. Miss Annie Trowbridge, has been visiting Mrs. Rathbonc, this week. Miss Campbell, of Detroit, has been Visiting her niece, Mrs. L. P. Hall. Mrs. Israel Hall and her sister, Mrs. Phillips, leave for Alaska, Monday. Miss Pauline Klager leaves Saturday morning, to visit relatives in Ionia. Mr. and Mrs. K. C. McAUaster, of Waupaca, Wis., are visiting in the city. Miss Sophie Haarer, of Lansing, is Tisiting at her uucle's, John Haarer's. Mi-, and Mrs. L. Gruner returned tüe lirst oí tlio -u-eek irom Benzonia. Miss Nettie Sears leaves Monday, to spend the summer at lier home in Detroit. Mre. Yictor C. Lame, of AJriaii, is vlslting at lier father's, E. J. Knowlton's. Mrs. Dr. Xewis ,of Jackson, is the guest of Mrs. Wade, on South State (jtreet. ' Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Whedon rcturned' to thcir home in Norwood, Mass., Monday. JIrs. S. Herey, of Spring street, ïs visiting lier son, P. T. Gibney, 01' Éae1 Saginaw. Eev. OHenry Xancrede, of New York, lias been the guest of his brother, Dr. Namcrede. j Hon. I. M. Weston, of Grand Rapids, attended the comniencement exercises this -week. Mr. and BIrs. S. S. Walker, of St. Johns ,are the guests of Mrs. Charles H. Chapin. Mrs. Charles S. Iflllen and son, Clinton, have been spending the week in Gambier, Ohio. , Miss Kate Harriman, of Topeka. Kansas, is visiting her cousin, Miss Mattie Harriman. Mrs. Boudiaot, of Cleveland, and fornierly of this city, has been visiting friends here this week. Jean A. Wetmore, of New York.visited her eister, Mrs. George Milieu, during eoinuienceinent. ■ Rev. J. H. Mclntosh and daughter Miss Allie, of Chelsea, visited Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Cooper, last week. Judge Swau, of the U. S. district court, and Judge Grant, of the Michigan supreme court, were in the city. Prof. W. H. Butts, principal of the Orchard Lake military aadecmy, has been visiting his father Justice Butts. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Beal entertained the Beta Theta PI fraternity and and thelr lady triends, last Saturday evening. Christian J. Reule, of Detroit, was in the city yesterday, greeting old old friends made iu the palmy laya of the Washtenaw Journal. Dr. aad Mrs. J. N. Martin left last Wonday for Europe, where the doctor will spend the summer studying with the specialtists of Bcrlin and Vienna. Col. Pritehard, of Allegan, who as sisted in the capture of Jefferson Davis was in the city to sr-e his daughter gradúate in the literary department. Fred. Binder, of Coluinbia City, Ind., has been visiting relatives here for a day or two. He carne more especially on account of the serious illness of his father, J. U. Binder.