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[Delirered on the eve of the Fonrth of July by the flrecracker to bis brother üreworku-l Qood friends and flreworka all! 1 am not her To heat yon overinuch, although my speech Shall be as matehless as 1 e'er can tnake it; Fot otherwise yon tnigb t go off too aoon. And thoa this glorioua Foorth be premature. The time will come wben 1 shall kick, yon betl Bat Jast at present I am "laying low." Yon hear me shontl And if you do, Jast drop Rigbt on to what I'm going to warbla now. Incline yoor ears unto the qniet tips That I'm abont to feed yon with, and don 't Fire np if 1 perchance ahonld bellow "Ponkl" I am no pinwheol dudo, bat I can gpout With the best of yon. and when it comes To tai Is uni'olded, the powdered one I hava Can raise a erop of nevr laid piasters on A small boy's epidermis just aa quick As the nezt one, and don't you forget itl X am of Chinese birth, bat what's the dií? I met a man the other d ay who carne, VVith nothing bat a flatiron and a pigtaü. Over in the same steamer with your ancle here. And now his pigtail's gone. and he, forsooth. Can hostie with the laundry j ast as weU As any Yankee that yon ever saw. And so with all of us. That's right. We"Te her To celébrate the glorióos Foorth now. See? And first allow me to congratúlate My friend, the yonng toy pistoL Say, oíd man, 1 never saw a fly light on your shape Bat what twas first to fade away. And no Small boy has ever tackled you in rain. This year yon most remember that there is A bran new erop of boys. Sail in and see If you can show what metal you are made of; And lf you need some help Just cali on us. We're here to celébrate, and when it comes To raaking things go roond, my pinwhoel f riend Can get there jast the same, if he perchance Does bang hia hair and dress in f aiicy colors. Likewise the rocket is no sloach. Not machi For oft apon occasion have I known His frisky nibs to take the hair right oft A man's head botter than his wif o coold do it. Look at the Roman candios and Greek flre; The countless cannons, and the nigger chasers. And the torpedo, oa whose modest phiz No smlle of triomph resta, and yet of all Thte noble band there is not one of as Who has displayed the sand of tuis yoong sport. And now, my friends, go forth and do yonr best. And lf yon make a fizzle of this day, Why, do it so that Uncle Sam will hear, Throoghoat the land," the best reporta of yon.


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