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The State Encampment Grounds

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The encampment grounds at Whitmore lake, are situated between a quarter and a half müe directly west ot Stevens' hotel, which of the two is the further north, and a road runs directly from the rear of the hotel to the site. The state troops will occupy nitogether 120 acres, of -wliich 80 are Bituated on the north side of the road. and will be used for the drill grounds. This land was formerly under cultivation and is entirely clear of trees and underbrush. It is high and dry and inclined to be just sandy enough to make an ideal place for the executlon of military maneuvers. Directly across and on the north side of this east and west road is the forty acres which will be occupied by the brigade tents, and is surrounded on all sldes except on the road eide by fine large 'trees. In the north-west corner of this field the Second regiment will have lts headquarters. The state troops will, in tact. occupy the entlre west side of the forty acres, the First regiment being at the north end, followed by the Fourth and Third. Between the Ia9t named and the Second regiment there is a small marshy piece ot ground wbich is the oaly thlng that prevents a continuoua line of tents along the west side. On the northeast side of the field there is a large fine knoll, and it is upon this location that the governor's and brigade quarters wil! be placed. In the southeast part ot the field the lour companies of United States regular troops will be stationed. The above arrangement was deternined upon last week and although subject to change it is highly impsobable that a more desárable adjustment can be found. Seventeen car. loads of camping outfits have already arrived and will Boon be placed iff position. The Toledo road la busy, building a sidetrack to the grounds and will land passengera immediately.