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Reveil divorces have been granted in Adrián in two weeks . Livingston county has a very large acreage of beans this year. Mrs E .Hall, of Manistee, is the gecond wonian to be elected school commissioner in thls state. A wonian has been elected school commissioner in Charlevoix couiny. Marie Beach is her name. Alger county boasts of having only one doctor. It need not be surprising o learn that she has no undertaker. Fred Manuel was drowned in a smali lake near Jackson, Sunday, while swimming. It's the o'ld story of the cramps. Eacn prisoner in the Jackson prison waa preeented ■with a bouquet oï ïlowers, with a scriptural text tied to it, last Sunday. Xwenty-six hundred lots were sold In Saginaw, Saturday, for $400,000. 'íít Saginaw boomers claim to have secured the location of ten large manufacturing plauts. Mary Foster, a seventeen year old igirl of Port Huron, went to bed last Thursday night with neuralgia and a bottle of morphine. She was found dead the next morning. A sparrow shooter has at last fatally wounded a boy. Moses Lobenski, a íifteen-year-old Grand Eapids boy, was gunning for aparro ws, Saturday. His aim was not gooa ana Jie nu rnram Olson, aged ïourteen in the side. The svound is probably fatal. Hou. Quincy A. Sniith, judge of probate of Ingham cuonty, is an exceptiont to the rule "few die, none resign." Wlh two years yet to serve, he has resigned the probate judgeship. Gov. Winans has appointed George W. Bristol, of Mason, to succeed hini. Miss Minnie Webster, a Grand Kapjds school teacher has become insane. The first symptoms noticed were that she dressed herself in what she called her wedding gown, with long veil and roses, and began telephoning incoherent tales to the newspapers. John Casoy was shot and killed by Frank Gilligan in a Detroit saloon, Sunday. The two had had several üghts in which GUligán had liccnworsted. After much trouble he seeured a revolver and Imnted for Casey. As soon as he ïound him he fired and escaped. The Cadillac marshal is striving to enforce an ordinance keeping boys under fifteen off 'lite streets after nine o'clock. Thp mayor of the same city hired a detective to spot Sunday saloons. Four were spotted, plead guilty and the city realized $257 above the cost of the detective. Assistant-Postmaster E. Foster has just been arrested for stealing $69 from the cash drawer of the Hudson postoifice. He discovered the robbery irave the alarm and claimed it-had ocewred while he was out. A detective tbcught differently and' Foster was arrested. When confronted with proofs he confessed and returned $60. No reproach has been cast upon his' character bef ore. Frank Tooker, a young man living near Allegan, has been making love to Edna White. H paid no attention to several letters warning him to desist h-om his suit. Last Friday evening, while escorting his lady love home ïrom a Patrons of Iudustry meeting, he was assaulted by three men with clubs. He di-ew a revvolver and fired. The fire was returned and he was shot in the head and arm andthe wOTjnds wlll probably be fatal. As Jie feil his revolver went off and wounded one of the three aasailants. The other two picked up their comrade and made off. A noosed rope and tar and feathers were found near the scène of assault.