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Geo. Walker, who works on Stores Orafts'...

Geo. Walker, who works on Stores Orafts'... image
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Geo. Walker, who works on Stores Orafts' farm in Sharon, laat week liad a narrow escape from instant death. He was cultiwtlng corn, a stonn was rising, whpn suddenly a bolt of liglitCtfng struck the gróun'd but a few feet ahead of hls team. He dropped senselesa In hls tracks and so remalned nntil tho appearaace of the team at the house without .-i driver caused' search to be made (o ■ ;i m Hè was dazed lifter regaining consclóupness tor the balance of the alterhoon and in fací lell the effect s oí the shock for Beveral days. The horses gave evidence oí being severely shocked also. Another ïiinn who :is running a cultivator in amötlier part of the same field could hardly reetraln his horsea, whlch turnieS short about whem the explosión carne and seemed deslrous of vacatlng the premlses.