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Day by day soine of the little extravaga...

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Day by day soine of the little extravagances of the past republican Btate governments are coming to light. For instance in the prison expenses at Jackson for 1889 were $96.45 for ten cent cfears, $70.15 for ilowers, $98.25 for three dogs, $5.80 for a barrel of eider, $1.20 for two dozen peaehee. No wonder retrenchraent is demanded. The Ohio repulilicans have nominated McKinley, the high tariif leader, for govermor and will make almost eupprhuman efforts to elect him. As Ohio is a republican state and there is mot the utmost harmony in the democratie ranke in that state, it ought not to be surprising if they succeeded in doing so. The utmost superliuman effort needed to elect a man personally popular indieate liow impopular high tai i f Is becoming with the people. The tatlö is a tax and the people are gettvng tired of heavy taxes. The Detroit Journal in lts desire to show that it is a republican paper of the darkest dye, charges that Governor "Winans is "bound to make Michigan appear shabby, mean, squalid and paltry.1' All this is because the governor is striving to decrease the burdens of the tax-payers and to allow the littlO money men can earn these days to remain in their pockets instead of being pent b'y the state in fuss and feathers. It is etrange that rabid republicana aJways seem to favor high taxation, both state and national.


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