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The Price Of Wool

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The intense silence oí the republican press just now, in regard to the wool market is painiul. - Grayling Democrat. The farmers in poliiics may not know mucli about political economy, but they are finding out how a protective tariff hurts tliem. - Midland Sun. Wool is a good strong two cents a pound lower in Hillsdale and all Michigan tlian last year. Buyers are very ehy and thej market is dull. The McKinley bill is in foree. It pretended to fix things for a higher price for wool for the farmers.- Hillsdale Democrat. The farmers who are getting mich low prices for wool console themeelves by etudying the quotations on tin. If thoy scll theír wool low they can recoup themselves by selling their tin lign, for surely every farm has a tin mine on it.- Port Hurou Herald. A cog has Blipped in the McKinley machine soniewhere. We were told that the passage of that law would secure a higher price for wool. But wool ie considerably lower than last year, with a weak market and a downward. tendency.- Tecumseh Herald. The price of wool this season is lower than it was last year, and the tariff is higher. McKinley may theorize and argüe for a year. Prices on The wool clip do more to couvince the iarmer who is buying, than all the arguments of any class of politicians. The wool clip is smaller, the tariff is higher, and the prices lower. This much the farmer easily understands, and when he takes 28 cents, where a year ago he received thirty, all the McKinleys ín the world can't explain away the result, or convince him that tariff helps raise the price of wool. Beeing is believing. $28.00 isn't $30.00.- Adrián Press.