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Those who believe that Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy will cure them are more liable to get well than those who don't. If you happen to be one of those who don't believe, there's a matter of $500 to help your faith. It's for you if the makers of Dr. Sage's-remedy can't cure you, no matter how bad or of how long standing your catarrh in the head may be. The makers are the World's Dispensary Medical Association of Buffalo, N.Y. They're known to every newspaper publisher and every druggist in the land, and you can easily ascertain that their word's as good as their bond. Begin right. The first stage I is o purify the system. You don't want to build on a wrong foundation, when you're building for health. And don't shock the stomach with harsh treatment. Use the milder means. You wind your watch once a day. Your liver and bowels should act as regularly. If they do not, use a key. The key is - Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets. One a dose. iieyort ot tne uomlition OP The Farmers' ï Múi lá AT .isricT aebob, avricH:. At tne close of business, May 4, 1S91. RESOURCES. . Loan? and DlscOQDIS.. $244,07. 7 rtocks bmnis, mortuages, ete "3,lfli.'-7 ( iv ïv'.rafts 2.460.96 Due ir.)iu bfti k in reseive citivs 39.426.49 [lis '11 traueit 4,854.50 Furri.' Fixtiires.. 3,(00.10 Currcni n i.m ;.i d (a.ts paid 1,642.37 Jniereót i-Au 2,8:i4.ii2 Chfckaandr eh items _. 810.76 Xifkeis and Pennies 53 Ao Goid ;;_■;; rjiis Sürer 1,6M.16 U. S. and NaliODfil ütnk Xoies l",4r!0j Te: al $i2 4fiS.,v LIABILITIES. Capital rtOck paid in $ 50,OW.00 Surplus ui.d j._ Kl.OOO.Od l'iKtuiJed profits 11,612.74 Oividend-i unpuid 30.0c Co"imeroal dfposite 'M.Kii.m feavinga deposite _ íó. üii.'.r To'.al... c i-j,4.5d STATE OF MICHIGAN, I County of Warhteniw, ( I. FrederckH Belstr, Cashier of the alione named Kank, do folemnly bwear that the aho%'f statement is trae to the beet of 111; knowledge ani belief. F. H. BEI, SBB, Cashier. Subseribed 3nd fworn to beiore me this llth day of ,a,, 1891 Vf, W. WHEDON, Notary Public. CORRECT- Atte.'t: EECKEN KEMPF, ) A. KEAKNEY. V Directors. CHAtá. E. GREENE, i