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Heinzmann & Laubengayer

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Elevator and Farmers' Customs Mili Where we are prepared to do all kinds of grinding on short notice. Elevator near T., A. A. & N. M. E. K. Dealers in FioĆ¼Pj Feed ai)d Wood Baled Hay and Straw, Oil Cake Meal, Fertilizers and Land Piasters. We are also agents for Chas. Pillsburys & Co. Best Patent Flour. We guarantee Pillsbury's Best to be the choieest flour made in the United States, taking all its qualities into account. It wil] yield from 40 to 60 pounds more bread to the barrel than flour made from winter wheat. It requires more moisture in mixing and the bread will keep sweet and moist for sereral davs ASK YOiTT? GROCEKS FOK IT. ' We have always adhered to a high standard for our product We say to you frankly at the outset that we do not attempt to follow competition prices to the point where quality must be sacrificed We are anxious that our goods shall have the reputation of beine good rather than cheap. Our aim is to serve our customers so well that we shall gain their entire confidence and permanently retain their trade. ' HEINZMANN & LAUBENGAYER. Office and Store, No. 9,W. Washington St.