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The Stone Yard

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The st-atae yard established by the board of supervisors, ia doing excet lant The tramps arrested now too have heard ol it and figuratively kick themselves ior not steering clear oí the town. Other men, who have eeemingly had no teafr of a iew days ia JaU, announce thedr detenminatiofa pi never geltting in the dtope yard again. That claás ol iellofws don't like to woirk At lirat some ol them refuee to breaW stdne, bat when they iind they eau nothlng to eat but bread and nothing but water to drirnh until they go to; wonk, they soon give In. I Two well kmown local characters were in. tihe Btone yard the orther day, Davy ToJbi, wbo rotatea bet ween tbe ]ail anld the coiunty house, and Jim Taylor, tlhe colored peepinjg Torn. Botb men had to go through the dieting process to be made to work. Davy) finally went to work with a will, Taylor maktal fun of the way he bent his backj. "Go 'way, yoa dirty n&yger," cried Tohin, chasing Taylor arowtíd the yard with hts hammer. Davy says he will never be seen in Ann again and Taylor, ior the iirst makes great pTomisea of reformation. It's work in the stane yard that fetches them , , . .