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A Divorce Wanted

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The Detrodt Sunday Sun contains the follo'wlnig-, the maiden name of the wife mentioned being Mías Susie A. Clark, of thia city. Halliday was a student here at the time of the marriage: Sulsie A. Oind Louüs W. Halliday wore mairried at Ypsilanti, January 21, 1888. Their hooieymoon a.ppoara to haA-e set at the end al two short manths, amd tnarrted Ule has sincq beeil dan-k and dreary ín tftie Halliday houehold. Two ehíldren, wlio haive come into the faanily ín the ordinary eoiirse of eevntte, hove, {astead of provüig raprs of Bunahfne Ho dispel this dlre dómesele gloom, only sorved ajs instrumente by which tlnis not very exemplary husband mighft tortiure his uinhappy wïfe. Mrs. HaJliday's Mili for dlvorce. filod today, recites a most Oiarrow.iní; tale. She charítes tihat dattns from tw'b montihs aíber marriae until the füime of the hilll, she liáis ben treated witlh extrem-e cruelty. Aa examples of the cruelty she ajlleges that about taie iirst of last May she took occasion tjo remon8trate with him for beat ing tiheir two-year-old boy, when he etruck he.r a Bavapre blow) on %le side of the face, breaüin: -trrfo of her teeth. On a later pccaföon she made a similar remonatirance, -wiien he severely choked her. The bilí hirtíher otates that a week apro tlo-day he told her he was going to tftke this two-year-old child. -w-Iio was Uhen elck, away from her and that ahe would never aee the child again. He kept) (hia promiae by taking -SÍTe chrlcj and returning alone aftel1 fin absence of two nights and a day, She lin.8 not seen the ehild Sho furtiher charges him with sincp at1 temptin to take tlh other child, a trifl 17 montiha old. Tftiere are alao charges of scanty support. She states that Halliday's motther, a wealthy Chicago lady, has furniáhd him plenty pt money ior the support af his -wiïe and chfldren, but that he haa speot it In debanchery. AJltcvgethap it te a sorry looking bill.