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I... I). Looml8, ot Oi'isc,i. slipped off a laad ot liay and sprainjed lii.s k!ee, last weck. The littlti son oí B. Ramsdell, oí Stockbrldge, broke his arm by falllng fnom a load oí liay. Fred Ouekle, íornjerly oí thi.s elty, elipped iai Mandiester, last weet, and broke a Kinall bone Ín nis leg. Loluis Sturm, of Saliaic, was badly Ibttten on the leg by ai ttttle gptted dog, last wfeek. Moral, beware oí spobted dogs . Andrew Huchea, of Tecumseh, whlle unloadiug stoel rails two miles írom Maneliesber, last Wednesday, had two fingers smashed. Eider Oalklns was tojnrad :ir Soufcli ryon while unloadiiiíj plants last week His horse staa-td To run iivay, throwing tflie cldr down and a wheel passing over his (back. No bonee weire broken. Geo-rgo Hendorson, who livps four miles south of Grasa Lake, last week on Tluir.silny. teil, as is aupposed, frojn -a. scaffold in liis barn upou a laad of iay and the floar, rendertng Iiim tosenslble. He did not ï-eturn to ('wiaciousness until the noxt Saturday, Jiis condition mea.ntime lxiing considened ciitioa.1. He was not out of danncr on 1, Monday lmt it is hoped he will soon recover.- Grass Lake News. C. J. Denison, a young man from Aim Arbor, who is workiiig at Hiram Martin's, south of Manchester, met wit.h a paitiful accident this morning, (July 9). They were cuüting rye and lie was walking beside the binder occasionally puiling off a bundie when it became lodged, and as he stumbled against a stone and feil, his left hand was eaug-ht in the cog wheels whicu opei-ate the 'bundie droppen. He -wae taken ín a carriage and brought to Jr.Lynoh'8 office, where It -was fund that afll Üie fingers had been badly bruised and th,e joints of the second and third fingers wfere broken. He had a bad looking hand and i't took Bomo time to fix hiim up. He wdll have some