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Visitors From Out The County

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Rev. A. W. SlatOB-, öf CUnton, ís at Dixfooro . Finley Hammond ,of Chicago, is visit ing his parents in Chelsea. Hatfry Thonipsoii, oí the Coldwaiter schools, is recreatieg ia Ypstlaoti. ■Miss Mofllie CUlvw, of Hillsdale, has Ijtoen visiting at J. H. Barr's, in Saliine. C. Baker, o' Allegan, -vlfch his family, ha.s been visitriag at S. M. Bixby's near Saline . , Mias Ella Crovley, oí Ellcliart, In., has baen visiting JÏrs. Groa. Baar, in Saline. Rlrs. Hichard Guise, of New York Cirty, lias been visiting relatives in YpsüantL. J. S. De-n-Vy and famtffy, of Chicago, have hoon ■visiting Blosser, of Manchestor. Mrs. A. C. "Wortley, of Kalamazoo, lias been visiting William Wortley, of Ypsdlanlti. Miss Alice Eashleigh, of Carbondale, Pa., has been visiting Miss Ella Spencer, of Ypsilanti. Miss Mary McGowan, of Cortlaml, N. Y., has been visiting Miss Minnle Cremer, of Ypsilanti. P. W. Day ,of Ktagston, Ontario, amd Stanley Day, of Santé Clara, N. Yr., Ihave Öeen' viaiting Mjrs. W. H. Shamnon, ai Salem.