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T.he foreign iiowsj of the week is not very citing ani not mu:h WLtory ha been made. The most important event undoubtedly is the visit of Emperor William of Germany to England. He ;ivs received in state by hjs grandmotier, Queen Victoria, and after .visiting various ploints Of interest in England and Scotland, on Wednesday 3ie sailed foi' Norway. The Frencü eeen to liaive been greatly excited by the viait and the evident cordial relations existing between Germauy and England and there has been some discussion of an alliance betveen Fr&nce and Russia to seibe Constantinople and to drive the English out of Egypt, btrt undoubtedly tliiis will all end in talk. Potafoes are very scarce in Gemauy and the greatest destitution is a-eport-ed the lower classes. Potatoes have been raised in prlce üroni one and a halí niaivks a bushei to six marks and bread is mueh dearer. Many traders have become banki-upc and times are very hard. , i . 'Jl horrible tale of cannibalism comes froin Brazil. A man named Clemente .Vierra was catiglit in t'he act oí eating part of a. hnman body. He eonfessed that he and a numbe.r of others had been eating humaji flesh for sonne t'ime. ,When vistims becamp scarce they killed a cauple of their own number and it was piart af the bo"dy( of oae of these that was diseovered. The uneaten part' was iqund packed in a barrel, prepared wlth pepper and salt, The Brazilian gfovomnient will, if po.'íelble, root ou tha cannibals. Parncll has lost his strong hold in Ireland and Jiis recent marrlage to Mrs. O'S'hea lia-s not restored his populfia-ity. He is now talking of visiting nliis eou'ntry duriiïg' the coming year la search of American syrnpathy. a # Mrs. Laiiigtry, tihe acijress, wae l)rutaflly assaiulted by lier financial Jteacker, Baird, in Landon for receivjog a young geatleman at ditoner. Baird turned the young maln out of the house, knoekod tjhs aetness down and kicked her atbout the face. o that she is said toi be dialS.?ured ior life. The surgeon callled stated th.!t she wauld probably never be able to act again. Baird paid her $125,000 not to prosecute him . President Carnot, of flhe French republic, had a narrow escape from death, Mdnday. A niadman atttempted tol shoot him and üred a piátOil aít thim whila he was in his aarriage at the ceremomiles on the opening of ;i new The madman had just befin released trom a lunatic asylum . i The oelebrated clergyman Mr. Spurgeon is eerfiausly ill and i reported as growing worse.