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Tlie Grand Rapids Demoerat wHU build a new! iïve story printing office. Om'sley Roberts, a farmer oif North Lansing, iwas drowned Sunday whilq boat riding . Muskegron will build a $100,000 court house. A new jail wü also1 be ereeted. A new medical college i to be started in Saginaw lv son1, medical mea of tbat city. Albert Htintzmann, soventeen years old, of Adtrlan, committed suieide witlï a revolver, Tuesdaf. Several buildings were blown dowiï in Sagiinaw and at Clane by a wind Htovm, ilönday vftiejivioon. Albert Anderson, aged twenty-fivo was killed in a lieavy thunderstorm at Ludington, Monday night. A Petoskey hotrse wös so frightened by some elephants in a circuís pro cession ttiat it lell dead frcwn Iright. John G. Masón, mmber of the boaxd. of control oí the girls' industrial home at Adrián, has been stricken with paralysis. The Vheat yield in thls state thte year is estimatald at 24,071,558 bushels, or about 2,000,000 more busheLs than last year . Herbert Baily, a thirtysíive year old man with six children to support, had his arm torn off 'by a belt in the Jackson soap works, Friday. Deputy Sheriff Chapman, of lonia, was held up last Friday night in his woodshed by three masked men and robbed of $750. No clews. There were forty-eight deaths irr Detroit Sundoy and Monday, a niajority of which were young children who died from cholera infantum. H. T .a,nd Loreinzo Abbott, two wel] to -da farmers of Reading township, Hillsdale couoty, have fallen heir to $500,000 írom tie estáte qE a bachelor cauisin in Wostiield, Mas. Bay Oity has just bonded herself for $100,000, the bonds bearing five peE cent interest and bringing five per cent premium. The money Is to be largely spent on theiJ water worksJames Schei-merhorn, the bright and entea']Tfi"ising editor of the Hudsan Gazette, was marriedl July 13, in Oswego, 2i. Y., to Miss Adaline Miner Jenkins. Schermerhorn is au editor oí more than ordinary abüity and deserve the happiness he seems to have gained. Three daughtexs of Harmon Calkias were thrown from a rolad wagon near Allegan, Tuesday, the youugest, eleven years old, living dragtgefd sixty rods, laving two ribs broken and much fleih torn from her "body. tl, is.feared that fflie and her olderst sister, seventeen of age, will die. Lightning struck the barn of Edward McDonald, near Bay City, Moaday, while he was eurrying a horse. The hoi-6e was killed and Mc Donald atunned, the horee falling on him. When he pecovered consciounness he was obliged to cali for help bef ore i could get out from under thö horse, but ba was foitnd not to be serously injured.