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Patent medicines differ- One has reasonableness, another has not. One has reputation - another has not. One has confidence, born of success - another has only " hopes." Don't take it for granted that all patent medicines are alike. They are not. Let the years of uninterrupted success and the tens of thousands of cured and happy men and women, place Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery and Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription on the side of the comparison they belong. And there isn't a state or territory, no - nor hardly a country in the world, whether ts people realize it or not, jut have men and "women n them that're happier because of their discovery and effects. Think of this in health. Think of it in sickness. And hen think whether you can afford to make the trial if he makers can afford to take :he risk to give your money back as they do if they do not benefit or cure you. l'epoit oí the Couditioii OF Thi raraw' Si íúái' M AT JSTT AEBOE, MICH. At the close of business, May 4, 1S91. RESOURCES. Lnans and Disoousis $244,07.27 Minks bunds. morigagea, etc. 7s 101 '7 Ovtl-.lrafts 2.460.96 Due fl'om bdi ks in rcseiYc citi'.'S o!,46 49 lilils in transi; 4,854.5(1 Kuraiture aud Fixliiren.. 3,(00.(0 Ciiir, ui expecste ;iud laxtï paid 1,642.37 Interesi .lid :',t34.22 i. hecks and e-sh Ueing S16.76 Xi'kc-!s i.nd PeiiUies.. 5 4O "!" - - J.712.S0 Sllver 1.5Í4.1 , U. S. ana XLioiiiL I mk Koies .' 10,41 '.0 Total $i'-2 4BS.5i LIABILITIES. Capital stock paid in ... $0 oon 00 Surplus ;fui.d ....'.. mloooioo L ndiMtted froüts 11 6(2 74 Ii vidr-mií nnptiid _ ' 300(' Co'iuiercinl tupoits 'G4.ccy n s;vitii;a deposita _ _ ; 6, 191. "5 Total $SM.4iï.5O STATE OF MICHIGAN, I . County of Waohtenmv, ( SI. Fr-derick H Belser, Cushier of tl.e al.ove named r;-iDk, do tolemnly $wear that the auove statement is trae to the b-.-st of my kacwledge anc' bjliff. F.H. BELSER, Cashier. Subscribad and Fworn to before me this llth day of Ma., 1891. W. W. WHEEON, Notnry Pubüc. CORRECT- Attest: RElinEX KEMPF, 1 A. KEAKNEY. D recton. CHAS. E. GKEEXE, ( Who has not had PoorHose? . "5 GOOD RUBBER QÚfflFi" ' jft f . could be bought ten Vs r viSSfr" A. _- yeara ago. Why? P-Ss'3l "Vl canee there was . ifr H" ter in it. The hose sold by dealers to-day contains little or no pure rubber. Our BLUE BRAND HOSE is the old-fashioncd kind, and is made of rubber. With good care it sliould last Ive or six years. It is cheap at the price. As a guarantee that you are getting what you pay for, and are not aying a high price for a poor anicle, we place tai rand on every length: _ If yon cannot get it of yonr dealer, we will seDd it, Jïpress pald, on receipt of money. Sample fret ifymt mention thispaper.'v BOSTON WOVEN HOSE C0„ Manf'rs. of Rubber eltlng and Packlng, 226 Dsvomhlre Street, Botton j OS Lake St, Chlcasoi 8 Buh St„ San Francisco, Cal.