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Council Chambkr, July 13, 1S9!. Special meeting. Called to order by Pres. Cooley. Roll called. Present, Aids. Mann, Wines, Herz, Martin, Allmendinger, Filïniare, O'Hearn, Taylor, Kit-son and Pres. Cooley.- 10. Abtsent, Aids. Ferguson, Itehburg, and Hall.- 3. After stating the object of the special meeting, tlie presidtent called on ttfe clexk to state the i-esult of the meeting of the eewerage committee. The clork thereupon Btated that on tlic :th rtay oí July, the council nvirtee om sewer&ge met wltih tlio members of the joint sewerage committee, end t.iuit the sa( joint committee, by vote, oj'ilerj:I the coimcil committee to recommend tü the common council tlic aippointmeiit of a oommlttee of three or more, to vislt Kalamazoo and other vit es. nel report on the question of t.he -worfetagB of their eewerage system, and the effect of the eewerage on the river into which the same is aischarg-ed. Aid. Kits&ü movöd that the city clei'k open a correspondente witit the city cl-k of Kalamazoo and other cAttes of the state, in regard to the in this city. Carriad. l5y AMornian Wines: Resolved: Tliat the city elerk be imsfcmcteil to address a letter to the mayor of Kalamazoo to determine ■lien it will be oonveinent for this eouncil to visit KaLamazoo for the pui-pose ol inspecting their sewer system. Oarried. AM. Wtoes moved tliat Prof. Greene's report on "Ann Arbor's Suggested Sewerage System" be made a part of the council proceedings and be publisbaa in fnll in the official papea, arad also biife be received by the clcik. to tyave 3,000 copies prtotw! in pampdilet form. Yeas, AMs, Maran, Winea, Martin, Allnwildinger, Fillmore, O'Hearn, Taylor, Kitson, and Pres. Cooley.- 9. Nays, AM. Herz.- 1. Aid. Heirz movekl that the vote by wfliich the city clerk --as orderod to obtain from the mayor of Kalamazoo, a Idate on which it wonld ho vcnlent foor the council to visit Knlamflzoo in a body, be reconvsddcrort and üiemandea ttoe yeas and nays . Tlierefore, such resolution reconekk'rod '0" yras ankl nays, as follows: Yeas, Aids. Horz, Martin, Allmendinsor. Fillmore, O'Hearn, Taylor and Kitson.- 7. Nays, Aids. ilann, Wines, and Pres. Cooley.- S. Aid. Horz movod that the resohition be lai.l on the table. Carried. Oouneil tlaen adjoumeU'.