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A reliable eastern paper contains the fojlowjng interesting statistical information concerning the wbeat suppiy: The first busliel of new wheat brought into the eastern markets sokl for $1 a bushel. It is quite probable that the European demand will be strong enough to make nearly a dollar the ruling price on the western farm, in spite of the large supply of from 525,000,000 to 575,000,000 bushels which is expected. The requirements of France above the home supply are placed at from 15,000,000 to 22,000,000 quarters, of Great Britian at 19,000,000 quorters, while Germany wil] need to import 4.000,000 quarters, Holland and Belgium 4.000,000, and Italy, Spain and Portugal 4,000,000 more- a total of say 50,000,000 quarters or 400,000,000 bushels. Some 180,000,000 busliels or more must come from the United States, and that will be jast about the extent of our surplus. If, however, through high prices foreign consumption shonld shrink mueh below the present estimares, "dollar wheat" will probably be the exception rather than the rule.